Google Introduces Chrome for iOS Code in Chromium Platform

Google has opened its doors to iOS code for Chrome by making room in its Chromium open-source project. The Chrome for iOS code is now an open platform for coders and developers alike, to modify, experiment, and build on the app.

According to a company blog post, the company stated, “Given Chrome’s commitment to open-source code, we’ve spent a lot of time over the past several years making the changes required to upstream the code for Chrome for iOS into Chromium. Today, that upstreaming is complete, and developers can compile the iOS version of Chromium like they can for other versions of Chromium.” The company also confirmed that the development speed will now be faster and that all the tests for Chrome for iOS will now be available to the Chromium community.

Initially, Chromium was only meant for desktops. However, with the open-sourcing of Chrome for Android in May 2015, this was no longer the case. Due to Apple’s demand that browsers use its WebKit engine instead of their own rendering engines, Google was unable to add Chrome for iOS code to the Chromium code base. The main issue being that two rendering engines — Webkit and Blink, in the same code base could have created a lot of complications. This led to a delay in Chrome for iOS being added to the Chromium platform. Google specified that it took years of “careful refactoring” before the Chrome team deemed it safe to move the code into the Chromium open-source repository.

This move that has been initiated by Google means better, faster, and more efficient development of Chrome that is compatible with iOS, as tests that are run on Chromium are automatically tested for the iOS base too.

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