Google Introduces New Tools for Ad Measurement and Attribution

Google has announced that it will be releasing a measurement tool that helps in capturing the number of times a particular individual has viewed a specific ad — Unique Reach. It enables aggregating impressions across formats, campaigns, and devices.

The new offering lets users measure how many individuals are shown video and display ads, along with capturing unique users. It also enables measuring the average impression per user. This will definitely be beneficial for marketers, as it will help them to understand which one of their target customer they are reengaging. This will help them improve their ad spend and drive better conversion rates.

Google is making Unique Reach available on AdWords, and has stated that the support for DoubleClick will be made available later this year.

Google Launches Attribution, a Convenient Way to Evaluate Marketing Efforts

The company recently announced the launch of the beta version of its Attribution, a free tool that will help marketers to understand the efficiency of their marketing strategies. It will help in creating a tight loop between the tactics, the ad spend, and the feedback, thereby enabling marketers to gain valuable insight into customer behavior.

By providing a clear understanding of their marketing efforts, Google Attribution helps brands enjoy an efficient cost-benefit analysis.

Google initiated its attribution efforts way back in 2014, with the acquisition of Adometry, a company that measured marketing impact. This led to the release of Attribution 360 that was part of the company’s Analytics 360 Suite.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor