Helpshift Introduces a Proactive Support Solution to Enable Turning Customers and App Users into Brand Ambassadors

San Francisco: Helpshift, the company providing the customer support experience on mobile, launches Campaigns, for Proactive Customer Support, a new proactive customer support tool that gives companies the capability to harness the power of data to enable them to deliver automated and proactive customer service.

“We live in a ‘real-time,’ ‘always on-demand’ era, where products and services are delivered as apps and live on the Cloud,” said Abinash Tripathy, CEO and co-founder of Helpshift. “Campaigns takes customers from first-time users to brand loyalists in the smallest window of time possible. This new capability eliminates heavy lifting and allows brands to easily automate and customize outbound messaging by bringing together in-app data and smart segmentation. By being proactive and helping customers in real-time, companies improve customer and agent satisfaction. This is the inescapable future of customer service!”

How does it work?

Campaigns enables customer service teams to start outbound communication with customers, which, to-date, has been exclusively a marketing function. The feature empowers the customer service team to communicate effectively with customers based on their needs, in real-time, which drives up customer satisfaction and revenue.

Today, platforms like Helpshift are helping to break organizational silos and are enabling customer service teams to transform from being a cost-center to a revenue center.

This also eliminates the need for customers to contact customer service agents in call centers when they need help. Agents no longer need to wait around for irate customers to contact them; instead, the customer service platform automatically engages a customer and provides solutions to them based on data it receives from the app, in real-time, about the customer’s usage of the app. The helpdesk evolves from being a reactive service desk to a smart and proactive helpdesk that can assist customers before they even know they need it.

With Campaigns, apps can easily identify cohorts of users affected by specific issues and notify them with a push or in-app notification in real-time. This new tool provides unparalleled access to behaviors that may signal a customer is falling off, such as low engagement and slowed usage. Campaigns harnesses this knowledge to effectively halt any problems that may arise, driving down customer complaints and curtailing app abandonment.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor