How to Make Employees Love Your Brand

In this article, Lisa Bennett Managing Director of Public Relations and Marketing at Kaltura takes a look at the difficulties of communicating internally in today’s digital workplace, particularly on the emotional and personal levels and how to connect teams with their company’s brands

I love where I work. I love the people, the dynamic nature of the business, the company culture, and the crazy pace. Also, I especially like the complementary snacks in the kitchen, the “make your own omelet” mornings, the casual “kbeers” that we organize (where we all go out for a drink after work just for fun), basketball league and the open space where we can all collaborate and work together. But do I love the company’s brand? What does that even mean? What is it that connects me emotionally to the company I work at, Kaltura? Why do we call ourselves Kalturians, and opt to spend so many of our waking hours at work?

Different companies have different cultures, no doubt. There are the extreme, cool, internet-culture type companies like Google, Facebook and Zappos and then there are the most traditional, “corporate America” companies like GE, Citigroup and IBM –And a million variations in between.

If we take a quick look at the consumer world, our ‘Global Village’ is getting smaller and more connected by the minute. Phenomenon like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube enable us (for better or worse) to be virtually connected non-stop. It’s a natural development as the YouTube generation enters the workforce for these tools to spill over into the business world as well. After all, isn’t a company just another form of community in many ways?

In today’s Digital Workplace, as more and more employees are working remotely and teams are dispersed all over the globe, companies are increasingly charged with the task of connecting their employees. This requires ways to communicate remotely and work from any device. I would argue that that is a relatively easy challenge to face these days, and can be tackled with a nice amount of technology and logistical planning. The harder task is actually connecting employees emotionally and personally — both to each other and to the company and the values it stands for. How do you connect today’s employees to your brand?

Let’s answer this question by looking at what one global company is doing to address this challenge head on:

One of our clients faced a challenge familiar to many large corporations — they’d made good progress engaging colleagues across EMEA, but needed to build greater understanding and support among employees spread across 26 countries having many languages and cultures. In January 2014, employees created an idea that was to change how they communicated. They proposed to create an employee-led social video platform.

To launch the platform, the communications team ran with a movie theme and created company branded popcorn holders, as well as print posters and a viral campaign. They also made it easy to create content by setting up booths in offices where employees could make a video and upload their footage very quickly. The team retained a high interest level with regular emails about new and popular videos and awarded cinema ticket prizes for the best videos.

Now this platform has become a true employee-generated innovation — a full social video portal, which is proving a fun and engaging way for employees to communicate, collaborate and share best practices.

So nap pods are great, happy hours are awesome and offsite team building is effective, no doubt, but when building a company culture, and looking to maintain your employees’ loyalty and creativity across borders and over time, there’s nothing like video to keep your teams connected.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor