Instagram Introduces Story Search for Hashtags and Locations

Instagram is introducing a new feature named Story Search which will enable users to search for a specific hashtag or location. The search results will be based on a story compiled by story posts made by other users with the same hashtag sticker, location hashtag and caption hashtag. The Location Stories from the nearby places will also be featured in the ‘Explore’ tab. The launch of this new feature comes on the heels of Snapchat’s introduction of story search feature, two months back.

The new Story Search feature is expected to trigger new use cases on the Instagram platform like checking out weather or apprehending what other users are thinking about a particular topic or theme. This could significantly elevate the overall usage time of Stories and utility index of the app, while enhancing the scope of ad-based earning, as well. However, Instagram has declared that there will no ads as of now in Explore or Story search.

The company has stated that only the contents with underlined hashtags, location stickers and hashtag stickers will be featured in the associated ‘Stories’ section. Users who end up adding the hashtags or stickers required to make their stories eligible for the compiled Stories can chose to opt out, if required, by clicking the ‘x’ button located on the Stories view counter.

With the launch of this new search feature, Instagram is all set to walk on the same lines as Snapchat, which is now keen to allow its users view more than just the content shared by friends. However, with 700 million monthly users, 400 million daily users, and 200 million daily Stories users, Instagram clearly has the much needed lead to offer users with enhanced coverage of events, trends and landmarks.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor

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