Interview with Jarrod Weise, Marketing Manager at Cisco

  1. What about sales and marketing are you most passionate about?

Sales is about the passion of connecting with people to help them and there is nothing more gratifying. What I love most is marketing which takes both half’s of the brain. The creativity to be compelling and the logic to execute successfully.

2. How are you seeing sales ecosystems evolve?

Selling has become a team sport. Customers and businesses expect a collaborative effort. Individual interests must be set aside to solve the bigger challenge in the best ways possible.

3. Where do you see sales professionals being stopped in exploring their full potential and accelerating conversions through partner channels? How will CO:LLABORATE push them to think out-of-the-box and break the silos to effectively grow their indirect channels?

Partner channels represent nearly endless ways to reach a customer to help them. Co:llaborate will help inspire people to find new ways to reach the outcomes they are looking for.

4. What are the steps companies must follow before investing in sales acceleration platforms that speed up their sales teams?

You need to very clearly identify the audience within sales. It’s about customizing as best you can in the same way you do with customers. Be specific.

5. What are some of the musts to equip your partner channels so they can function as efficiently as your employees?

Rapid changes to support their needs is mission critical

6. How would you say the millennials have changed the outlook of sales teams towards channel marketing?

Millennials have been an essential part of our design experience. They want to engage in ways that are familiar to consumer technology. Traditional B2B methods don’t always apply here.

7. What are some of the vital checks companies need to perform before bringing in new channel partners?

Partner readiness across sales, marketing and operations is critical. The three parts in sync. Too often the channel will focus on one or two, but you need all three.

8. Why should CO:LLABORATE guests attend your session?

You will have a blast and walk away fired up!

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This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor

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