KickFire Announces Partnership with Terminus

KickFire, an IP address intelligence and company identification technology company, and Terminus, an account-based marketing (ABM) platform, announced their strategic partnership. Terminus enables B2B companies to run personalized ABM campaigns at scale. When combined with KickFire’s IP address-to-company identification technology, Terminus customers can attribute the impact of driving account-specific engagement on their websites.

“We needed a technology with the capability to identify visitors on our clients’ sites to signal to our customers when their ABM campaigns and efforts are working successfully,” said Bryan Brown, Chief Product Officer for Terminus. “After an extensive vendor comparison, we selected KickFire as our technology partner. With KickFire in place, we can better show the full ABM journey from advertising campaigns to website engagement to revenue.”

According to Terminus, as B2B account-based marketing continues to surge, the importance of data-driven decisions become even more prominent. Terminus recognized the significance of company identification data to their clients and worked closely with the KickFire team to incorporate insight into the Terminus ABM platform. It was a natural extension of the two technologies to deepen their engagement and fuel advanced marketing strategies and validation.

“By combining KickFire’s expertise in IP address intelligence with Terminus’ account-based marketing platform, Terminus will not only be able to validate attribution to its advertising efforts, but define additional marketing opportunities by identifying anonymous companies displaying an intent to buy,” said Tina Bean, KickFire Co-Founder and Vice President of Strategic Business Development. “We consider Terminus to be a thought leader in account-based marketing and are very pleased to form a strategic partnership. We’re both looking forward to showcasing our collaboration during this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit.”

KickFire will present this partnership at the SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit on Tuesday, May 16 at The Venetian in Las Vegas, Nevada, during a customer case study session titled: “Discover How Terminus Powers Their Account-Based Marketing Technology’s Attribution and Validation Using KickFire’s IP Address-to-Company Identification.”

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor