LinkedIn Brings Conversion Tracking for Text Ads and Sponsored Updates

LinkedIn, the popular social networking platform for businesses and working professionals, has announced that it has launched ‘conversion tracker’ to empower marketers with better insights regarding the impact of their campaigns.

Equipped with a new set of proficiencies built into LinkedIn Campaign Manager, marketers advertising on LinkedIn can easily quantify the number of leads, sign-ups, content downloads, purchases, and other specific results from Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns. Conversion tracking will help marketers gain a better understanding of the particular ads and exclusive LinkedIn audiences that drive campaign conversions. The audience can be segregated on the basis of tenure, industry, job role, and company size.

One of the top-requested feature consumers were awaiting was conversion tracking. Consumers have long wanted better insight into how their LinkedIn ads are performing in generating high-quality leads, acquiring new consumers, and raising brand engagement among LinkedIn’s global audience base of 450 million.

Now, users will be able to track the metrics that matter most. Conversion tracker will give easy access to website conversions from Campaign Manager analytics. Also, advertising ROI, conversion count and rate, and cost per conversion can be gauged at a glance. Marketers can also track the audience segments driving maximum conversions.

The tracker can be accessed from desktop and mobile, and record conversions to understand whether click-ons and ads resulted in conversions. To drive better performance, marketers can monitor specific campaigns, ads, and nature of the audience prompting adaptations. The information can thereafter be used to improve sponsored content and Text Ads targeting, and offers to make the most of the downstream impact of leads and opportunity pipeline goals.

Divye Khilnani, Product Manager, LinkedIn, wrote in an official post, “Another benefit of conversion tracking that our pilot customers are talking about is the convenience of accessing all of their key performance metrics in a single Campaign Manager dashboard.”

Conversion tracking will be available to all advertisers through LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and AdStage and 4C, a couple of LinkedIn’s certified partners. Gradually, more partners are expected to support the offering within their tools through LinkedIn’s ads API. Presently, the feature is limited to Sponsored Content and Text Ads. However, sponsored InMail will get incorporated into this list within next few months.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor