New UX Design from Fuze Empowers the End User and Administrator; Facilitates Business Communication

Cambridge, MA: Fuze, the UCaaS solution for the modern enterprise, today released a new user interface that brings together voice, video, and messaging into a single, unique app, reimagining how people interact in the workplace and redefining unified communications (UC). The new user interface features a best-of-breed, enterprise-grade platform supported by a high degree of quality, reliability, security, and analytics demanded by today’s businesses.

According to Gartner, many employee-facing applications deliver a poor user experience (UX) when compared to consumer applications, resulting in employee dissatisfaction and reduced application ROI. To make matters worse, IT often can’t improve the UX of the worst applications, because they were bought from vendors with weak UX design and the resulting applications can’t easily be changed.* In a recent Fuze survey of over 1,000 U.S. workers, 73 percent believe workplace technology needs to catch up to match what they use in their daily lives as consumers. With the new reimagined experience from Fuze, beta customers showed high adoption and engagement rates with 80 percent of testers regularly using the app over the course of several months.

“The traditional approach to designing business software is to ask people what they want and try to engineer a product to fit that request. With our redesign, we took a consumer-inspired approach to UX, observing individual behavior in a personal setting and then optimizing the experience based on that user behavior,” said Steve Kokinos, CEO, Fuze. “On average, people use four-to-six communication apps at work daily. The result is a disconnected experience with overlap in services that creates redundancy and confusion. For the business, this results in poor user adoption, a lack of control, and excess cost associated with multiple overlapping technologies,” continued Kokinos.

More than half of the traditional UC market cites issues with deployment, delaying time-to-value. Fuze has partnered with customers to design and implement a solution that fits the unique characteristics of their environment. With Fuze, employees only need to install and learn one user experience across all channels for both internal and external communications, avoiding the need for extensive training in the short term and enabling unfettered access to collaboration tools in a single place in the long term. CIOs and technology leaders can rest assured that they have selected a platform that streamlines solutions, increases capabilities and productivity, and enables greater value for the customer and their employees.

“Too many organizations look for excuses for not implementing any form of a UX design process; however, these excuses are most likely a result of limited understanding of the UX design process in action,” said Keith Johnson, Chief Product Officer, Fuze. “Fuze provides the highest quality global video and audio in the industry while doing so on a proven enterprise-grade cloud platform ensuring uptime, security, and analytics that enable users to communicate and collaborate seamlessly, 24/7.”

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor

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