Introduces Salesforce DX at Dreamforce Inc., the cloud computing company, has announced the launch of Salesforce DX, a fresh model for creating and deploying applications to their respective platforms. The announcement was made at the Dreamforce conference.

The new feature is based on concepts like scripting, continuous integration, and source control management. These concepts were unknown to developers at Salesforce until recently. Wade Wegner, Vice President of Product at Salesforce, stated in a news release that Salesforce DX is a new way in which developers can achieve heightened levels of dexterity for customizing an application on the company platform. It aims at a style which is completely based on source driven development. It also aims at test data, configuration, and an org shape for Salesforce.

The company stated in an official release, “Salesforce DX delivers seamless integration with Heroku Flow, supporting automated deployments off of GitHub repositories; application pipelines that streamline development, staging, and deployment to production; and a tightly integrated test suite to support continuous integration.”

Wade further added that Heroku Flow has four components, of which three were out in GA and the latest one is still in its beta phase. The Heroku Flow services include pipelines, review apps, and a Github integration. Pipelines help in organizing a group of apps from Heroku that share similar codebase into development, staging, production, and review the environment that promotes continuous delivery. The review apps help in discussing, deciding, and proposing whether there is any change that needs to be merged to the code base. The integration with Github lets a Heroku app be connected to a Github repo in order to make every Github push deploy a particular branch. This can be done both automatically as well as manually.

The new tool has also introduced scratch org that is a disposable and source-driven deployment of metadata and code of Salesforce. In addition to this, there is also a new Command Line Interface (CLI) that helps developers to synchronize the source code, execute created test suites, and also control the lifecycle of the application. With Salesforce DX, ISV partners along with enterprise consumers can create numerous artifacts in order to streamline the maintenance, packaging, and deployment of custom software that has been built on the Salesforce platform.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor