SALESmanago Announces Customer Value Marketing and RFM based Marketing Automation Features for Online Stores and B2C Companies

Cracow, Poland: SALESmanago, a provider of marketing automation software launched a unique new set of features around RFM based Marketing Automation which helps marketers to increase the value of customers. The new solutions enable marketers to implement Customer Value Marketing strategies.

“Over 5 years of experience gathered while providing marketing automation tools for thousands of Online Stores and B2C companies led us to develop our own new and unique marketing strategy called Customer Value Marketing,” says Greg Blazewicz, CEO & Founder of SALESmanago Marketing Automation. “From now on, marketers at B2C companies and online stores do not have to adopt B2B strategies that can be realized by the traditional marketing automation platforms offered by the major players. The buying process at online stores is totally different than in B2B area, and now marketers have a real tool for that.”

Customer Value Marketing is a marketing strategy designed for B2C marketers built around the concept of customer value and marketing automation. Customer Value Marketing aims at creating the highest value of a customer over time through running continuous marketing automation processes that migrate customers from less valuable to the most relevant segments of customers that buy often and spend more money.

Customer Value Marketing stands in contradiction to traditional Inbound Marketing strategies and Engagement marketing, as a way to get marketers directly involved in revenue generation processes around customers.

Customer Value Marketing is also redefining traditional Outbound Marketing by the deployment of advanced methods of dynamic customer segmentation based on RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) analytics. These are supported by behavioral (Digital Body Language) analytics used to create real-time multichannel structure of marketing automation processes along the whole customer lifecycle, from lead generation to the most valuable customer segment, fostering long-term relationships.

Customer Value Marketing uses channels like e-mail, website, online advertising, telemarketing as well as social media and mobile channel to create non-linear processes (as opposed to the linear processes present in the B2B context) of personalized, real-time offer delivery to the right person at the right time.

The primary marketing technique to achieve the results of Customer Value Marketing is RFM based Marketing Automation using dynamic segmentation of customers depending on users’ transactional activity over time. It should be supported by the behavioral data gathered about the single customer in marketing automation platform. This new, dynamic, RFM based 360 Degrees Customer View may be then used to create an entirely new structure of marketing automation processes using e-mail, dynamic website content, mobile, social media, advertising networks, POS and direct sales to migrate the customer to the highest value segments of customers.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor

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