Sizmek and Fuisz Video Partner to Enable Immersive Video Experiences and Drive Consumer Engagement

Austin, TX — Sizmek (NASDAQ: SZMK), the open ad management company for multiscreen campaigns, today announced a partnership with interactive video solutions provider, Fuisz Video, to enable brand marketers and agencies using Sizmek to serve object level interactive videos that propel consumer engagement through a full-service offering that extends the capabilities of interactive video ads.

Powered by Fuisz’ proprietary object-recognition technology, which accelerates the production time and precision of automated click-responsive experiences, Fuisz and Sizmek have come together to offer the next level of interactive video. Brand marketers can now scale and distribute shoppable, click-responsive video ad experiences that encourage consumers to dive in deeper and interact directly with specific objects, characters and scenes within a video. Far more intuitive than a standard overlay, consumers can engage with any defined moving element within a video to perform lower funnel actions tied to campaign goals all while within the ad unit. Marketers can now encourage audiences to become an active participant in their video advertising, without removing them from the experience, to dramatically increase engagement.

Fuisz’ authoring capabilities allow advertisers to convert pre-existing “flat” video assets into click-responsive video. Viewers are then able to intuitively select items and engage with specific elements of the creative to access product information, add merchandise to their wish list or shopping cart, or find the nearest location to buy. But this interactive video technology has use cases for marketers that go beyond e-commerce:

  • Auto brands can enable audiences to click on car features or technology to learn more, as well as surface local offers and dealer locations
  • Entertainment companies and video game publishers can enable audiences to click on characters to learn more about them or the actors.
  • Food and beverage brands can let consumers interact directly with food items on the video, and engage with recipes, menus, how-to videos and coupons, right inside the ad.

“Marketers are asking for deeper collaboration between their core technology partners and creative technology ‘start ups’ like Fuisz, so our partnership with Sizmek is not just about delivering innovative ways to interact with content, it’s about our commitment to helping marketers protect and utilize their data,” said EJ Laratta, Fuisz’s head of sales and partnerships. “Every marketer has a unique strategy to reach viewers, but they need access to best-in-class technology while not compromising the core technology standards they already have in place. We’re excited to be working with an organization that brings together such a wide range of best-in-breed solutions for their clients.”

“The idea of shoppable video is certainly not new, however scaling the production and distribution of click-responsive experiences has always been the challenge,” said Jaime Singson, director of product marketing for Sizmek. “Fuisz’ object tracking and shoppable video capabilities provide our clients with the ability to drive conversion by making it simple for users to discover and take action.”

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor