Steelhouse Introduces Creative Suite to Reinvent the Way Digital Ads Are Created

The SteelHouse Creative Suite, a new category of creative software, lets marketers and designers create captivating ads, featuring integrations with Getty Images, YouTube, and more

Los Angeles: For years, the ability to create quality digital ads has been hindered by poor technology and outdated processes. Advertising software company, SteelHouse, today announces its new Creative Suite, which includes an Ad Builder and Creative Library: An innovation that brings the power to build beautiful ads to professionals at any skill level.

The Creative Suite is fully integrated with Getty Images and YouTube. Brands can access video from YouTube, easily upload their own assets, or choose from millions of high-quality images from the Getty Library to ignite their creativity.

“Digital ads lack engaging content often found on social networks that is created by everyday people,” said Marwan Soghaier, Chief Product Officer at SteelHouse. “We wanted to design a new way for people to create captivating ads using the content around them.”

The backend is powered by A2 — a simple, flexible code-based html language that is completely editable. Users can easily export and run creative on major ad networks including The Trade Desk, AppNexus, DoubleClick, and more. Campaigns can be optimized and performance can be tracked — all from a single application.

“Powerful creative imagery is key to building compelling commercial storytelling — the ability for visual metaphors to communicate a message through the noise of today’s advertising space allows a brand to connect with its customer at a core emotional level ,” said Susan Smith Ellis, CMO at Getty Images. “We are proud to partner with SteelHouse on this innovative product which will offer creatives a superior way to build beautiful ads.”

With the Ad Builder, users can create and edit ads in minutes with drag and drop functionality, including messaging, buttons, scene animation, and countdown timers — no coding required. Instead of building ads from scratch, the Creative Library provides access to beautifully-crafted ads ready to be customized.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor