Take the MarTech Advisor Social Media Marketing Survey 2016

Rate the best social marketing platforms for our upcoming Buyers Guide.

Social media is where your brand lives or dies these days. For businesses, tracking and responding to tweets, likes, favorites, followers, and comments is a critical need, demanding specialized tools and careful planning. New social media management products are appearing on the market in hordes these days. Without the proper understanding of how a product meets your social media needs, most buyers end up with just another dashboard, use it a few times and then lose interest.

Don’t settle for one that doesn’t work for you! The right tools can power incredible results for your social brand and make social media easy to create, curate, manage, schedule and analyze. If you’re looking to discover new social media marketing tools, or if you need to know which tools are best suited for each aspect of social media marketing, our upcoming Buyer’s Guide is an invaluable resource for social marketers.

Help us help you make better informed decisions. MarTech Advisor Research is conducting an online survey as part of our Buyer’s Guide research program. By completing our Social Media Marketing Survey 2016 survey, you’re helping us collect the valuable data we need to deliver actionable vendor insights through our Buyer Guides. Your survey will contribute to the MTA GreenZone rankings for Social Media Marketing products work best for you — our audience of marketing and sales executives.

About the Survey:

This survey is intended for professionals who have experience of using technology for Social Media Marketing. Survey results will be published in our Buyer Guide for Social Media Marketing and contribute to the MTA GreenZone rankings for martech products. Your response will be of great help to businesses looking for the right tools to help them drive success on social networks. This survey will help us understand the user experience, satisfaction levels and business outcomes of the different SMM offering from vendors. Responding to the survey would not take longer than 5 minutes as it contains only eight objective questions.

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