The 3x9 Framework: Your Key to Content Marketing Success

Content marketing isn’t a fad. In fact, it keeps gaining traction. Nearly 70% of B2B buyers say they rely more on content to make purchasing decisions than they did in 2016. Publishing and sharing content is now an essential marketing tactic to reach new customers and capture new business.

While most B2B marketers — a full 83% — understand the value of content enough to develop a content marketing strategy, only 35% take the logical next step and document their strategy. That’s an unforced error.

Content marketing works to some extent, even absent strategy of any kind. But it’s nowhere near as effective as when you have a formalized process for achieving revenue goals from content production. A well-documented strategy provides your team with a framework for creating and sharing content. It ensures you’re meeting your overall marketing objectives. It ensures you’re aligning with the organization’s goals.

If you haven’t yet documented your strategy, or yours needs an overhaul, the 3x9 Content Strategy Framework is a smart place to start. Here’s the gist of the strategy, which covers three core steps and nine specific tactics to develop your own plan:

1. Understand Team, Department and Organizational Objectives

Analyze your organization’s goals as well as the objectives of the overall marketing department. Your content must align with those broader goals to be successful.

Next, define your target audience. Which vertical are you focusing on? How does your ideal customer behave? What does he or she want and expect? Creating a customer profile ensures you provide content that appeals to your ideal demographic. Taking all that into account, then establish objectives, metrics, and targets specifically for your content marketing.

2. Chart a Path to Success

To position your organization as a thought leader in your industry, you must create quality content that’s optimized with relevant keywords. When you have a strong strategy, you can minimize the time invested in creating that content.

Begin with conducting an audit of existing content. Evaluate your current assets, find out any gaps you currently have, and outline opportunities for moving forward. You should be able to repurpose content and use it in multiple formats.

Use the Content Marketing Pyramid strategy to improve your focus, increase your production, and create a steady stream of successful content that bolsters your marketing and sales efforts.

3. Develop an Operations Plan

The last step of the 3x9 Content Strategy Framework involves the logistics of rolling out content. Establish the roles each team member performs and define specific responsibilities for each person. This ensures the work is covered without overwhelming any one employee.

Next, create an editorial calendar outlining deadlines for producing and sharing content. Finally, develop and implement a strategy for promoting your content via social and traditional media.

A well-documented strategy helps you rein in the chaos and make the most of the time and money you spend on content marketing. Get started by downloading The Content Marketing Pyramid eBook and gain a complete framework for developing and executing a content marketing strategy today.