Vistaprint Announces New Website Builder to Seamlessly Integrate Digital and Print Products

Waltham, Mass.: Vistaprint, the online provider of professional marketing products and services to micro business owners, today announced a completely redesigned website builder from Vistaprint Digital that allows users to create an online presence that rivals big-budget competitors. According to new research by Vistaprint Digital, nearly 70% of businesses with fewer than 10 employees market both online and in print, and this solution from the digital division of Vistaprint is designed specifically to meet their evolving digital marketing needs.

“Vistaprint works with millions of micro business owners around the world, which gives us unmatched insight into their needs, and we tailor our offerings accordingly,” said Trynka Shineman, president of Vistaprint. “Our passion is to help micro business owners meet their goals and grow their business. This new solution is a reflection of that commitment.”

“We recently found that one-third of consumers discover small businesses for the first time online, but 45 percent are unlikely to shop at one with a poorly designed website,” said D. Scott Bowen, vice president and general manager of Vistaprint Digital. “To stand out in a crowded market, the business owners we serve need a professional online presence today. They need to be able to easily create a professional, consistent brand across print and digital, and only Vistaprint can help them achieve that.”

Vistaprint Digital’s new website builder makes the process of building a website effortless. Users choose from beautifully designed templates that match to their industry and goals, each customized with their business name and logo before they even enter the builder. They can then easily add, remove and reposition shatterproof content blocks like menus, calendars and galleries. Elements such as fonts, headers, footers and colors can be changed universally with a single click. All templates are completely responsive, providing users an instant mobile site without any additional work. Additional key features include:

  • Elements of other digital and printed marketing materials — including logos, backgrounds, design components and images — automatically appear in the image library if the customer already uses Vistaprint.
  • Custom domain names stay free for as long as the user stays with Vistaprint Digital, not just for the first year.
  • Pre-designed blocks eliminate the overwhelming feeling of infinite design decisions, which helps save time and put the focus on site content.

Currently about 92 percent of Vistaprint Digital users also turn to Vistaprint for print marketing solutions. Among website customers, 43 percent take advantage of the builder’s print product matching capabilities, demonstrating the demand for cohesive messaging across the digital and physical worlds.

The website builder is part of the full suite of solutions from Vistaprint Digital, which offers easy-to-use online marketing tools for micro businesses that complement the company’s traditional print offerings. With local listings, social media marketing, email marketing, business email, design services and more, Vistaprint Digital is on a mission to bring micro businesses effortlessly into the digital age.

Vistaprint Digital’s website builder is available now for English-speaking users across North America and the United Kingdom, and will be rolled out to other European and Asian markets later this year.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor