Weebly Introduces an Updated Website Builder That Eyes Marketing and Ecommerce

Weebly, a web-hosting service, has announced the launching of its new version-Weebly 4. The new version of the website editor is a part of the experience, the improvements were made on the ecommerce side. These improvements include a rebuilding engine that would calculate taxes for different regions of the world, abandoned cart functionality, and estimating the shipping price.

In an official blog post, Weebly wrote, “Today we take a giant leap forward with the release of Weebly 4, a complete platform to help you grow with fully integrated Websites, eCommerce and Marketing. This is a huge upgrade to the entire Weebly experience, with new features to make your site more modern and beautiful, a more powerful eCommerce platform to increase sales, and integrated email marketing and SEO tools to help engage and attract new customers.”

David Rusenko, the CEO of Weebly, stated that Weebly is far more powerful now and can compete against other ecommerce platforms. But what proves to be more appealing of the new product is the way it brings together the email marketing features, ecommerce, and the web for enhanced functioning. Previously, businesses used to edit their product catalogues that are available online by using the same interface with which they build the website. The difference can be using Weebly, which can prompt these businesses to send out automated emails about the new products that have added. The new platform can also provide the number of sales that the email drove.

Weebly has over 40 million users who have their websites being visited by millions each month. Users have actually grown their businesses taking the help of its platform. The new feature is available for smartphones and they can be further be optimized for use by third-party integrations with the help of the Weebly App Center.

This article was originally published on MarTech Advisor