What did you Miss at Oracle OpenWorld 2017?

Did you happen to miss Oracle’s OpenWorld 2017 last week?

Here’s your own personal 2-minute round-up of the key highlights from this year’s 6-day Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.

So who was there?

With keynote speakers like Doug Fisher Senior — Vice President/General Manager, Intel, Paul Chapman — EVP/CIO, Gap Inc, Chris Wood — VP/Controller, FedEx, Randy Furr — CFO, Bloom Energy, Ian Buck — VP & GM, Accelerated Computing, Nvidia Corporation, both attendees and speakers had a lot to exchange.

A key takeaway from the 6-day event was the rising influence of AI, Chatbots, Machine Learning, IoT in everything marketing. It’s probably safe to say that all of marketing is now basically martech!

There were participants from over 175 countries. Here’s where you can grab the best of day 1:

Connections, coding, and keynotes. Take a look at the top moments from Day 1 of #oow17. pic.twitter.com/UtDvb0AbY5
— oracleopenworld (@oracleopenworld) October 3, 2017

In a way, OracleOpenWOrld 2017 was quite the perfect balance given their inclusion of socially responsible elements. A movie screening about @SavingGorillas was held amid the 6-day session. It’s good to know that we haven’t forgotten about social responsibilities in the growing world of tech. Besides which, another key mention was their ‘Reminder to ride for a reason with @lyft using business profiles.’ The idea was to have riders use this so Lyft could donate 5% to American Red Cross in light of the extensive damage caused by the recent Hurricanes. #oow17

The next 2 days witnessed considerable talk on the use of disruptive forces in enterprise level sales and processes. Thomas Kurian — President of Product development at Oracle threw light on how #OracleCloud can help boost businesses.

Do you think cloud will be the next big thing for B2Bs? Share your thoughts here.

Cloud IS probably going to be the next game-changer in B2B tech and martech as shared during Mark V Hurd, CEO of Oracle Corporation (@MarkVHurd’s) keynote at Oracle OpenWorld according to whom ‘The movement to cloud is not just an interesting turn. It is an inevitable destination.’

The movement to cloud is an inevitable destination. Catch the highlights from @MarkVHurd’s keynote at Oracle OpenWorld #oow17 pic.twitter.com/qHIixUz09c
— oracleopenworld (@oracleopenworld) October 3, 2017

The other flavors at OracleWorld2017 involved lots of talk on deep learning, data, block chain, cognitive API.

Also notable was how David Donatelli — Executive Vice President, Cloud Business Group at Oracle spoke of how the company has helped brands like Dropbox, Twitter, grow as big as they can be.

And then, if you haven’t already heard of it before, Oracle used the event to spotlight their “Social data stream” demo as an example of applying analytics as a service & visualization to business apps. Know more about it here — http://bit.ly/2xS6FDb #oow17

Issues related to security also took up a fair amount of time at OracleOpenWorld2017. Hackers don’t attack with a warning after all. Would be good if they did! Larry Ellison’s keynote on ‘How you can protect your organization amid rising security threats’ was especially useful in this time of digital growth evolution. Other discussions revolved around new Oracle developments like Autonomous Database.

Did you love the blockbuster movie Inception? Sometimes, the dream within a dream in a dream fascination still takes up my time. If only this were made possible! Actor and Director Joseph Gordon Levitt added some glamor to this tech event as a special guest and was joined by other keynote speakers Mark V Hurd and Evan Goldberg for the session Uncover your “next”.

Also notable was how high-value companies like KPMG, Nutanix, Quicken spoke about their journey to scale by driving predictability & infrastructural (?) consolidation.

Entrepreneur pitches and music concerts made up the rest of the time — both equally fascinating.

Here’s where you can replay highlights from Mark V Hurd’s and Orcale EVP Evan Goldberg’s #SuiteConnect keynote:

Crush your barriers to growth. Replay highlights from Wednesday’s keynote with @MarkVHurd and Oracle EVP Evan Goldberg. #oow17 #SuiteConnect pic.twitter.com/uwJ26okX8V
— oracleopenworld (@oracleopenworld) October 5, 2017

Whether you were looking for glamour with substance or substance with glamour, this awesome event had it all! Don’t forget to join in next year!

What did you Miss at Oracle OpenWorld 2017?

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