Why Should Outreach Be Your Main Online Marketing Weapon

Dario Supan, Outreach Specialist at Point Visible explains how brands can use blogger outreach to build a credible campaign in any industry and avoid different obstacles such as fighting channel fatigue and engaging with new consumer generations

Content marketers can no longer use the lack of proper communication channels or content platforms as excuses for poorly-performing brand campaigns. In building brand awareness and recognition, businesses can choose among multiple options. They start with classic SEO and range through PPC to email marketing and word-of-mouth. A highly efficient, yet often underrated method for a business to conduct a great marketing campaign, however, is to reach out to bloggers and influencers.

Evaluating the sheer multiplicity of potential media is often among the most frustrating parts of planning brand campaigns. There has never been a greater diversity of communication channels, all vying to convey your message. Social media, trending for more than a decade, adds to the seeming morass of tools to reach target audiences.

But let us draw a distinction between a “meh” campaign and a great one. The latter would not look to traditional approaches and trending media alone. Rather, it would focus on channels that create the greatest impact on the right consumers at the right time. And influential bloggers still rule on blogging platforms, on social media, and as contributors to other media needing reliable reviews, opinions, and comments.

Fighting “channel fatigue”

The effectiveness of direct branding methods like press releases and other traditional approaches is decaying in a consumer-centered global economy. To put a business on their mental maps, consumers and media people tend to require much more than tired jazzed-up copy. However, many press releases you might issue, regardless of any well-researched email campaigns, chances are that all your digital marketing efforts would end in the dustbin — unless backed by independent channels.

Source: www.consumerbarometer.com

Today’s consumers research brands in advance on the internet and tend to trust peer reviewers more than established media. This means that outreaching to bloggers can help you build trust in your brand. What is more, in most cases, doing so is far more economical than other campaign building methods.

Facing up to a new consumer generation

Millennials buy brands they find on blogs or through social media posts and tend to neglect company PR. Bloggers, independent online reviewers, and influencers are the new fast track to your audience. This does not mean you should attempt to reach all the bloggers you can with your company message. Identify only those who would boost your brand recognition and reputation and try to build long-lasting relationships with them instead of securing one-time blog posts.

Social media posts have a short shelf life. Blog posts last much longer. You would need a post on a third-party blog less frequently. Thus, you save money if you are conducting a paid blogger outreach campaign. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Creating lasting content on suitable blogs with high traffic broadens your exposure to the new generation of consumers who conduct online research to determine their attitude to brands. What is more, you create invaluable backlinks to your website, which in turn boosts your overall SEO effort through better ranking and traffic that steadily grows.

Blogger outreach suits any industry

You have, of course, displayed selected testimonials from customers and partners on your website. What you might be lacking though, are endorsements from unbiased observers, a.k.a. bloggers and influencers. Those include not only prominent thought leaders but also micro-influencers who are active on local and expert communities.

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/311524/effectiveness-of-b2b-social-media-content-marketing/

Many businesses and entrepreneurs consider themselves too specialized for an outreaching campaign. That is most often plain wrong. Blogs and micro-blogs cover even the smallest of niche markets, even if we eliminate those created for SEO purposes only. Disseminating a message through reaching out to bloggers and micro-influencers is a working strategy for any brand, however small or large.

PPC and other paid methods should have a place in you marketing campaign but they shouldn’t be the first thing on your list.

As a side note, there are some niches where paid methods are the way to go. From our experience, niches that juggle sensitive information tend to be really challenging and the time you have to invest into the outreach process sometimes simply isn’t cost-effective. Health (especially sites that sell a product) and legal niche are the prime examples.

Solving problems through outreaching

By reaching out to bloggers, you can solve a number of issues related to reaching your target audience and building a lasting relationship with your prospect customers. Since consumers dislike company blogs and sites that directly promote brands, posting on other blogs helps you build trust and positions you as an authority across your industry — or globally.

You can also solve issues arising from tight marketing budgets because a good number of trustworthy bloggers accept guest posts from businesses if they meet their editorial requirements and add value to their blog. This, in turn, means that blogger outreach campaigns should not focus on self-promotion but on providing valuable information and insights. In fact, the most effective campaigns are those which do not directly promote a company, but a solution, along with valuable industry insights.

Building a credible campaign

Reaching bloggers is a cost-effective and very efficient aspect of any credible branding campaign. If done correctly, it can drive more consumers to your site compared to traditional PR and marketing methods like paid advertising on upscale channels. Do not forget, however, that unlike old-fashioned media where ads or advertorials were more than welcome, trustworthy bloggers are looking for mutual benefits beyond paid promotions when it comes to relationships with brands and businesses.

Building a credible campaign through blogger outreach can be more demanding than drafting and distributing bland press releases. But it can also be more rewarding and creative. The best part is that it definitely pays off!

Why Should Outreach Be Your Main Online Marketing Weapon