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Martha’s Star

Castle Rocks of Idaho | Poetry by Idaho Poets

Castle Rocks State Park in Idaho
Courtesy of Creative Commons

Naomi McDonald Phelps (1843–1914)

Castle Rocks of Idaho

I know a spot where the gray cliffs rise
From the low, green vale that in beauty lies,
…………..Down at their rugged feet;
A twinkling stream with rhythmic flow,
Through alder bowers winds “to and fro,”
…………..And mountain flowrets sweet



Martha’s Star, created by Langansel, is an Idaho magazine showcasing and promoting creative Idahoan talent. Whether it’s painting, hairdressing, videography, welding, or music, there is plenty of unknown talent that needs to be shown in the Gem state.

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Matt Spalding

Matt Spalding

Create Something Beautiful 🏜 I’m a professional Idaho photographer, specializing in Landscape Photography and writing from experience. Writing for Dorothea 💫