Don’t believe me!

I am an analyst, I constantly and subconsciously observe the world around me and identify patterns and correlations. I feel like a little scientist running non-stop experiments.

My favourite laboratory is my own life and my favourite experiment is my personal development journey. The reason I like that one is because I’ve got all the insider information — such as I know when I’m bollocking myself ;-)

I’ve got a recent epiphany about the fact that thinking is worthless unless the outcomes are either applied or shared, and while I apply some of them I thought it might be worth sharing them in case someone else finds them useful.

But please — DON’T BELIEVE ME!

I wouldn’t. Just as I don’t believe research just because it’s been signed by someone with a lot of letters around their name. Any fans of Merchants of Doubt?

All I’m hoping for is that if you find something intriguing, you test it in your own life and see if it holds true there.

Only that way, I feel, we can truly believe something; and only that way the ideas can evolve.