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Martians Vs Rednecks Offsets Carbon with Aerial

Martians vs Rednecks is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our work, and a huge step towards doing so is our new partnership with Aerial, a carbon offsetting tool specifically aimed at reducing the carbon footprints of NFTs.

Carbon offsets are an effective way of instantaneously combating the environmental effects that are caused by the current NFT boom. This is why we are planning on using Aerial in order to contribute to carbon offsetting. In short, carbon offsetting is a way of reducing GHG emissions or increasing carbon storage through methods such as mass tree plantation or land restoration.

Whilst no solution is perfect, carbon offsetting has a positive impact on tackling the effects caused by the current NFT boom. As GHC mixes in the atmosphere across the globe, we can compensate for emissions which occur elsewhere. It is irrelevant where, specifically, they are reduced. What matters is that they are!

Aerial provides a sustainability platform that tracks and offsets the carbon emissions for a globally extensive range of clients, from individuals through to brands, artists and enterprises including Variety, HYBEBEAST and Ellen. By pasting the collection address of any NFT into the tool at an estimate of carbon emissions produced by the collections will be provided so that a contribution via credit card or Ethereum can be made to a number of verified carbon removal projects in order to offset the carbon emissions they have generated.

Andreas Homer, co-founder of Aerial explains that; “NFTs built and distributed on Ethereum generate a significant amount of CO2 due to the energy used to power the ‘Proof of Work’ consensus mechanism. While this mechanism ensures the security of the network and that all funds are valid, it comes at a cost to the environment. Ethereum 2.0 will include efficiency improvements such as the transition to ‘Proof of Stake,’ but that’s estimated to be at least a year away.”

Aerial’s mission is to give people a way to take action, so in creating partnerships with several carbon removal initiatives, such as forest conservation projects that have been verified by Climate Action Reserve and American Carbon Registry, along with Charm Industrial, whose cutting edge technology converts the CO2 that has been captured into a harmless bio oil which is injected deep underground, major changes can be made.

The team at Martians vs Rednecks will continue to strive in fighting the effects of carbon emissions and seek solutions with their partners who are working hard on devising innovative methods to make climate action available to everyone. The growing list of partners and collaborators supporting carbon offsetting bears witness to the industry’s commitment to making a positive change and driving beneficial impact for the planet.



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