This grid layout I use helps keep everything in view on my 27" thunderbolt display at work. I can work in Chrome, keep an eye on my Instagram with Carousel, check Twitter, and see my emails come in.

Desktop Apps I Use Everyday

Some people have asked me to keep a list of the desktop apps I use everyday, so here it is!

UPDATE 1.25.16:
Focus is a new addition to the EDC of my macbook. This app is dead simple, block out the digital distractions in your work day. The standard black listed sites are pretty good, but I love the fact that you can whitelist just a few sites (ex. google docs) and block everything else. You can even block desktop apps like Twitter from distracting you. Another great feature, the ability to turn on hardcore mode and make it impossible to turn off when a timer is set. Can’t wait for this app to improve my productivity.

Moom is one of my favorite little apps. I love how seamless it fits into my life and helps me manage the windows on my screen. It’s the missing window management app Apple should have put in.

Every app has a menu icon now. I needed something to declutter my menu bar, so enter Bartender. Finally something to make the top of my menu bar look decent.

For the longest time I’ve made fun of people who use f.lux. It was weird to see their orange screens during the day but I’m a complete convert now. I can’t look at other people screens with out getting some amount of eye strain and I think everyones screen looks too blue.

I use to use Caffeine to keep my screen from going to sleep, but I switched to Amphetamine just because it was newer and the cool kids were doing it. Use either, but use something to keep your screen from going dark.

Pretty standard, 1Password lets me forget my passwords and is super helpful at remember other things like credit card info and software serial numbers.

Do you hate trying to find a cool background for you computer? Use Kuvva and get some amazing illustrations delivered to your desktop everyday. You can even keep your favorites and follows the artists.

If you’re the kind of person that uses YouTube videos as tutorials or needs to float any window above all others, use Helium. I love this for coding because I can keep the tutorial above my text editor while I code.

Let me know if there’s any Mac Desktop apps I should know about and I’ll add them to the list. Please follow me on Twitter to see my latest finds online.