Physical Website

The Martin Agency is known for creating award-winning, memorable advertising. We always strive to represent our work, our office space and ourselves in beautiful, interesting ways. Most agencies use a website to show their work to potential clients, guests and coworkers. We have one of those too. You should check it out: Martin Lab decided to do something different: a website alternative. It’s very similar to the website in that it has super-fun buttons, awe-inspiring videos and epic copy. The difference? It is literally built into a 19.5’ x 8.5’ wall outside our lab. We wanted to create something that not only shows off our work, but also serves as a proven example of what we can do.

We started by working with Chris Peel, one of our lead designers, to create the look of the wall. The goal was to create a design that represents the type of work we do and to plant a flag within the agency for people to easily find us. Inside and around the word “LAB” are many beautifully drawn images and details that are fun to explore and discover.

Then came the buttons. On a website, a “click” noise can often be heard when a mouse clicks on links, so we wanted to re-create that in the real world. In the end, we decided to go with arcade buttons. There’s just something enjoyable and satisfying about an arcade button that makes people want to press them.

Next, we ran wires directly from the buttons, through the wall, and into the ceiling where they are connected to a Raspberry Pi (RPi) that controls the entire experience through a custom-built Python program. To display our work, the RPi outputs to a projector that projects into a dedicated space within the mural itself.

Our future plans include dynamically changing the content, depending on who’s standing in front of it, as well as making the mural a physical game people can play with.

In the end, Martin Lab’s wall has become a must-see stop on agency tours. It is a not-so-subtle reminder to potential clients, guests, and coworkers of the amazing work we do at The Martin Agency and as creative technologists.