Announcing Bomgar Plugin for MSM

I am pleased to announce the release of our new Bomgar Plugin for MSM v14.4. You can download it here.

We have many customers that use Bomgar for their secure remote support needs. The Bomgar Plugin for MSM allows service desk users to create Bomgar sessions directly from requests in MSM. The plugin also provides quick links to reports available from related requests.

This should speed up a service desk users time by removing the need to switch applications. We believe the ability to start a session without having to generate one from within the Bomgar application will be highly anticipated.

Bomgar Plugin for MSM


We are really exited to be able to present this plugin and believe that it could be extended further, so we are interested to see the direction our customers and partners want us to take it. The plugin can be found on GitHub where you can raise issue/feature requests and even get involved by forking the repository and contributing your changes back.