Announcing Request To-Do List Plugin

I’m pleased to announce that we have just released our new Request To-Do List Plugin for MSM v14.3. You can download it here.

The Request To-Do List Plugin allows users to create, complete and delete to-do’s against any request in MSM. It achieves this by storing its data in a request attribute. This means that the to-do list data is stored within the request and participates in the familiar “are you sure you want to leave this page” warning message when users forget to raise or update their request. The Request To-Do List Plugin looks and feels native to MSM:

Request To-Do List Plugin

Open Source

We have open sourced the Request To-Do List Plugin. It can be found on our Marval Software GitHub organisation. The Request To-Do List Plugin is the ideal learning tool to help you get started writing plugins for MSM and further demonstrates our ongoing commitment to building an open source ecosystem of plugins.


We have more plugins in the pipeline and we hope to share more with you about them as soon as they’re ready. In addition we’re also looking forward to the upcoming release of MSM v14.4, which the Request To-Do List Plugin will support out of the box.