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The Amazing Story of Augustin Lesage

Some people are born with talent. Others learn through and from a variety of means. And then some have it thrust upon them. For one particular man, since the early 1910s, he credited the voices of spirits with his unorthodox leap into the world of art.

On August 9, 1876, in Saint-Pierre-less-Achuel, Pas-de-Calais, Augustin Lesage was born into a coal miner family. Lesage himself began working in the coal mine in the far north of France from an early age. Then, as his claims go, in 1911, at 35 years old, he was working in the coal mine when he…

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Mama to the Rescue

In 1996, a stray cat named Scarlett saved her litter of 5 in a famously striking act of maternal love.

With smoke billowing into the sky and flames spitting out from the building, New York firefighters working on getting it under control come across an extraordinary sight.

On March 30, 1996, the New York Fire Department arrived on the scene of a fire that broke out in an abandoned garage, which was allegedly being used as a crack house in Brooklyn, New York. After getting the blaze under control, a stray female cat was observed by one of the firefighters, David Ginnaelli, carrying her kittens away from the burning garage one by one. Despite the apparent danger and getting injured…

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The time a freak blizzard stranded 20 pupils and their driver for over 30 hours.

Today marks the 90th anniversary of a tragedy which befell a community near the small town of Towner, Colorado, located in Kiowa County, near the border between Colorado and Kansas. On that day, a freak blizzard would forever affect all of those involved and ultimately led to much-needed reforms.


At the time, two one-room schoolhouses, including Pleasant Hill School, served the county. One served children for grades 1–6, while the other was for grades 7–8. Likewise, two buses transported their designated students to and from the school.


On March 23, 1931, the weather was unusually warm for the time, with…

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Killer Whales Look After Handicapped Calf

In 1996, amongst the pod of killer whales being observed by a research team in the waters of Tysfjord, Norway, one orca strikingly appeared to stand out. As the rest of this pod went to work hunting, a young calf stuck close to its mother. The male* calf appeared to be severely disabled as he was noticeably missing most of his dorsal fin, an entire pectoral fin, and his spine also appeared to be misshapen. At the time, the research team surmised that the calf — presumably born in 1995 — had an unfortunate…

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The story of ‘Ming of Harlem.’

It could only happen in NYC. In a housing complex in Harlem fifteen-years ago, a new page in the Big Apple’s already storied history was unexpectedly written thanks, in part, to a big cat found within the concrete jungle.

“There’s a tiger next door…”

On October 3, 2003, the NYPD received a tip from a man’s neighbor that a tiger was residing in the man’s seven-room Harlem apartment, at the Drew Hamilton Houses at 141st and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. Now, even armed with this information, anyone could have been mistaken for dismissing such a claim as nothing…

Still from an early documentary film, first shown publicly in 1912. Group of whalers with famous orca Old Tom on the right. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Animal Marvels of History

The historic partnership between man and beast.

Established in 1843, the NSW town of Eden nestles less than 25 miles from the Victoria border. Named after George Eden, the British Secretary for the colonies, the breath-taking landscape also fitted the name. Eventually, seamen, many of which were whalers, would take shelter in its deepwater bays from lousy weather. At some point, whaling in the area became a staple for its settlement. It is here where the extraordinary legend behind the Killers of Eden was born.

Among the whalers in the area, one of the significant families in the business was…

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Heroes can come in any form and in any condition.

In the late 1990s, Annette McDonald of Seaside, Oregon, and her husband, Steve, came across a yellow labrador retriever named Norman while looking to adopt from a local animal shelter, not aware of the remarkable miracle in which their new family member would eventually play a role.

During this visit, the couple learned that Norman had been abandoned by his original owners when he was just a year old and was going to get euthanized soon. …

Momčilo Gavrić on Korfu, in 1916.

The story behind a boy who joined the war at seven.

As a great war raged on, a young Serbian boy returned home to find his family dead and his home burned down. His world and his life now forever changed his actions, and the events that followed would not look out of place on the silver screen.

Born on May 1, 1906, young Momčilo Gavrić resided in the village of Trbušnica, in the mountainous region of Gučevo in Serbia with his family of twelve. …

Photo by Johannes Daleng on Unsplash

The story of how a teen became known as the “Radioactive Boy Scout”

A teen boy scout’s chance encounter with local authorities leads to an alarming discovery that none present at the scene could have anticipated.

Photo by Harnish Ganatra on Unsplash

A marvel from the sweet side of history.

Milton Snavely Hershey. The name may sound familiar, and if your guess were him being the founder of America’s favorite candy bar, you’d be right. Not only was he known for his chocolate company, or escaping the sinking of the Titanic, but for his legendary philanthropy too.

Marvels of the Past

Gripping History

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