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Breaking Virginity on the Zipline

The sexiness of speed, heights, and a threesome

Mary Chang Story Writer
Mary Chang Story Writer
5 min readJun 8, 2022


Photo of the author. Supplied by Grouse Mountain.

“Playing hard — riding the scary zone!”

This morning I broke virginity in three ways:

  1. I did my first-ever mountain zipline.
  2. I was the first person booked on the first Zipline tour of the season.
  3. I was the only person on the first Zipline tour of the season.

And I had a threesome — a private session with two young handsome men, Cole and Olivier. They were the tour guides who buckled me into my harness, taught me how to hang on, soar like an eagle — and scream with joy.

It was one sexy adventure.

Threesome: Zipline guide, Cole (left), me in the middle, and Zipline guide, Olivier. (right). Photo by Olivier.

Last month, I did my first-ever triathlon at age 51. As my crow’s feet become more prominent, I realize it doesn’t matter how old I am — I can physically thrive through middle age by tackling personal fitness challenges and by pushing myself into the scary zone.

When I showed up for my reservation, Cole told me I was the only person booked for the first tour of the season and that I’d be getting a private tour with him and Olivier.

After I put on my harness and buckled my helmet, they reviewed the safety rules and we were off to the first of five Ziplines. I was terrified.

Why the hell am I doing this? And why did I decide to do it solo? Can I trust these two dudes that I met 10 minutes ago? What if the Zipline breaks? If I die, nobody will know. What if they bury me in the snow and leave my body there until the snow melts? F*ck.

The other voice in my head took over. I’m doing it solo because my son doesn’t meet the minimum weight requirement (yet) to do the Zipline, I couldn’t find anyone else to go with, and my free Zipline ticket that came with my GM pass expires in a week. These dudes are cute and seem nice. They won’t bury my body in the snow, right?



Mary Chang Story Writer
Mary Chang Story Writer

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