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I’m an Adult But I Can’t Cook, Can You?

A Cook in the Making — My 2022 Cooking Challenge: “I Can’t Believe I Cooked It!” (#1 Delicious Chicken)

Mary Chang Story Writer
Mary Chang Story Writer
7 min readFeb 5, 2022
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Whenever I cook for my husband and ask him how it tastes, he shrugs and says, “not bad.” Translation? “Not good.” When my son eats my cooking, he tells me, “It’s not the greatest, Mom — but it’s not horrible!”

I don’t get offended — not really. I laugh away the comments because good cooking is not one of my finer skills, but I love food.

Update: Here’s the conclusion article to the 2022 Cooking Challenge with links to all recipes! (published in Better Humans)

Update: Here’s How to Learn to Cook with a 3-Step Writing Challenge published in Better Humans.

“I’m an eater, not a cooker!”

I don’t know why I can’t cook. My mother was a great cook, but she never wanted me in the kitchen and I didn’t take any interest in learning how to cook — unless I was helping her fold pork dumplings because the more I folded, the more dumplings I was allowed to eat.

I didn’t really cook anything until I moved out of the house in my early 20s — that was a shocker not coming home to home-cooked meals anymore. However, many of my friends are fabulous cooks and I’ve enjoyed many of their meals. I’m awed by the posts I see from my Facebook friends who post delicious-looking meals and baking — wow! I envy, stalk and message them until they invite me over for dinner.

I love watching cooking shows, but do those scrumptious meals transfer over to my kitchen table my real life? Nope.



Mary Chang Story Writer
Mary Chang Story Writer

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