The Fun & Funny Fitness Bitch: A Donut, Handful of Jujubes & Shot of Dopamine

Introducing the Fun & Funny Fitness Bitch: The Series

Mary Chang Story Writer
Mary Chang Story Writer
5 min readJan 4, 2023


“The Fun & Funny Fitness Bitch!” Photo of the author by NJ McMillan.

My fitness adventure started with a donut, a handful of jujubes, and a plate of poutine. My go-to snacks shot a regular jolt of dopamine into my brain — until the day the button of my jeans popped off and flew across the bedroom.

I laughed for a second and embraced the flying button as my new superpower. But after I recovered from losing my favorite pair of jeans and the mark that left an indentation around my waistline, I cried.

It was Christmastime, and I still hadn’t followed through on my New Year’s Resolution “get into shape & lose twenty pounds!” annual theme. I knew I’d be feasting on holiday treats, renewing my NYR in a week, and breaking the promise (again) with my first sugar craving.

But this time, I didn’t.

Making it happen

A week had passed into the new year — I needed to shift my perspective and make something happen. Doing nothing on the couch, searching for self-gratification through cookie highs while fantasizing about getting into shape, was getting me nowhere. After eating my last donut, shaming myself with self-doubt, and procrastinating by stuffing jujubes into my mouth, I was determined to follow through on my promise that year — after I brushed my teeth and hit the pillow.

I went to bed with a tummy ache, and when I woke up, it was eight days into the new year.

That day, I made a change.

I announced my first fitness challenge on social media. I didn’t guilt myself for not starting right away on the first of January. I didn’t shame myself for eating junk the night before. It was time to be gentle, allow myself space and forgiveness, and let go.

The 8th was the start of a new day and attitude shift — and it became the first brave step of my fitness journey.

This year’s fitness challenge

For 2023, my personal fitness challenge is sharing bits and pieces of my fun and funny fitness adventures that I hope will resonate with readers by making them laugh, cry, nod, or inspire them to…



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