Six Love Letters and Poems To Cannabis

Once a year, Valentine’s Day brings us all a bit closer to our loved ones by showering them with extra love, affection and care but there’s a special loved one that doesn’t get as much public devotion but mainly cuddled behind closed doors. In many cases, this loved one sometimes helps us deal with our not-so loved ones. We invited several individuals to share love letters and poems towards their relationship with cannabis.

My Dearest Cannabis

By Andrew Holmes

There was a time I didn’t know you. I knew about you; I vaguely understood your ‘scene.’ I was too scared to get to know you. Maybe I was afraid of us getting caught, or of getting too immersed in love and it having it ‘mess me up’ for good. Whatever it was for that time, I’m glad we never met. I don’t think I’d love you the same way I do now. We met later in my life. We met at a time when it was okay to admire something new. I was naive and was still figuring myself out, and there was a worry of punishment should people know about us. After a serendipitous meeting online, however, it seemed we were destined to be together for a long time. It just so happened we were going to work together.

For the last three years, you have been by my side daily. You’re what I think about when I get up in the morning and are with me when I go to sleep. We’ve traveled together, seen places and met wonderful new friends. The best part is, they all love you as much as I do. It’s a crazy world to know that you’re liked by so many people on so many different walks of life. It’s something I greatly admire about you. Oh, we do fight though. Sometimes you infuriate me, both in my professional and personal life. I hate that I go to bed mad at you some nights and worry I will not love — as much as I once did –come morning. Inevitably, we work through our differences and come to adult understandings because that’s the relationship we have.

You’ve also made me better. I’m a calmer man now. Where once my shoulders used to creep up my neck, with you that’s no longer a worry. I now take a few minutes and walk away from situations when they arise. You don’t spin me about like good love sometimes does. Instead, you provide clarity, and my stress melts away. You always make me laugh, whether it’s moments we have together or interactions I see you have with others. I’m also a more creative man. The possibilities that arise when you and I collaborate are seemingly endless. I’m grateful every day for your unique perspective on life. Finally, you’ve made me stronger. Your aid in my fitness training for both recovery and mental clarity has made me a faster runner and a more fierce competitor. I have not felt this good about myself in years, and you’ve played an integral role in my attitude’s adjustment.

I wholeheartedly believe that you and I will be together forever. I once had a life before you, but I don’t think I can imagine a future without you. My job may change, our paths may separate and return later, but I don’t believe I’ll ever have you out of my life permanently. We have a bond. We have a friendship. We have love.

With deep affection,


Lady Cannabis — Be Mine

by Demitra Carter

Dear Cannabis,

I didn’t know a love like this could exist
 How can you blame me that I couldn’t resist
 With pheromones so strong,
 you beckon me in,
 let me know I belong.

I feel safe in your presence
 It’s your very essence
 Your sweet smell traveling through my senses,
 I’ll never forget the first time I ever sensed it.

Expanding my mind,
 giving me a purpose at this time
 You are the embodiment of the divine
 When I look at you it’s perfection,
 every angle representing your depth and complexion.

So whole and complete
 My heart skips a beat
 At the opportunity to be on your team
 Give and voice to your dream

You’re the very thing that we need,
 to transform the greed into opportunity.
 We’ll turn the world into our canvas,
 and paint what we’d like to see.
 You are the ultimate masterpiece,
 guiding the brush smoothly.

Lady Cannabis,
 You got me feeling so grateful.
 Turning my body back into a temple
 Healing the pain and guiding me to rearrange my state
 Lifting me up to the highest place

You open the gates of creativity
 Comfort me sweetly and ease the anxiety
 You give your whole self for the good of society
 Sharing your wealth,
 and creating abundance inside of me.

It is my duty to share the essence of your beauty,
 because Lady Cannabis you’ve been more than a friend to me.

You lead and I’ll follow
 Your trichomes and crystals are leading us to a better tomorrow
 Your love embraces the sorrow
 Takes it in and nurtures the parts that are hollow.

My heart is forever yours,
 I will stand by your side for the rest of my time.
 Lady Cannabis, will you be my Valentine?

The Need Gotta Be

by Morgan Goldin

Wonderful vapors rise to color the air with peace
 Sweet fragrances provide succor with the promise of release.
 Incantations made manifest, fire sparks the fuse
 The spirit is awake and gravity becomes fake news.

Indigo clouds race past consciousness and dreams
 While the projector erupts the film at the seems.
 Sprocket holes blast truth at 24 frames
 But this ambrosia works within different planes.

Heady pursuits and metaphysical trances,
 These are the rewards from the plant that dances.
 Energies combine to give birth to a godly flow
 Even after the aura fades, my high won’t become low.

The Flowers

by Ashley Raymond

Every time we meet, time slows down.
 You remind me to breathe easy.
 Inhaaaale, exhaaaale.
 Inhaaaale, exhaaaale.
 However, you aren’t for everybody.

The others try to snub you out.
 You possess the power to unite.
 So, our lights still spark;
 we still breathe easy.
 Inhaaaale, exhaaaale.
 Inhaaaale, exhaaaale.

Green like the lawns that line our neighborhoods.
 Buds bloom, popping up on every block.
 Picked at peak time, flowers for a loved one.
 Inhaaaale, exhaaaale.
 Inhaaaale, exhaaaale
 Everyone, breathe easy.

Familiar Stranger

by Sasha Perelman

You have many names that I call you
 And all the ways I take in you in, too
 You’re seductive and deep
 The curious company I keep
 Intricacies and delicacies
 Observations and fantasies

Your smoke lingers
 From just above my fingers
 Like a cloud of inspiration
 Raising my vibration
 Elicit my creativity
 With such propensity

Time starts to slow
 And we’re in perfect flow
 I get elevated
 A little faded
 And captivated
 Even illuminated

 To get educated
 Fucking curated
 Un-complicate it
 Throw beats in my ears
 Open to what appears

Maybe it’s rhymes
 That align
 Every time
 My mind

Drifts off…

Maybe it’s concepts
 In vivid depth
 That circumvent
 In great length

Let’s go…

Maybe it’s art
 Painted from the heart
 One color to start
 And I depart


Maybe it’s deep thought
 For truth I sought
 The onslaught
 Have and have not


It’s the perfect dance
 My sweet romance
 You drive me crazy
 Three times a lady
 Two steps forward
 We get altered
 One step back
 And fade to black

My Darling, Cannabis

by Bianca Blanche

How exactly you’ve enhanced my life,
 words cannot fully describe.
 Yet, here I try.

Through you I’m able to calm my state of mind,
 and see the deeper self reflecting from within.
 Your sweet sensibility and intoxicating aroma call onto me.
 Cradled at the mouth,
 I draw you in.

By consuming your flower,
 you graciously consume my stress and pride.
 Suddenly my head sinks into my heart,
 I am aware; I am alive.

As I pull, the lines on my face soften;
 playfully creating old expressions from a simpler time.
 A time before the trauma;
 where ignorant bliss thrives.

Yet you’ve brought to my attention the gift of facing my fears
 and the importance of living an authentic life.
 To express myself honestly is what truly matters;
 the rest will fall in line.

You’ve been a constant denominator to a lot of the good in my life.
 Good friends, good food, good music, good sex.
 Yours is the air I choose to breathe because
 darling, you are the definition of a “good time”.

You’ve been given many names,
 but not one as true as “friend” or “ally”.
 More than just a plant,
 you’re the quiet listener to my thoughts, expressions and dreams.
 The creator of creativity; a pain-reliever and sleeping aid.
 This is what you are to me,
 a natural enhancement to my being.

Captivating hues of green, purple, orange and white
 enticingly keep my sight.
 Delectable fragrances welcome me to the here and now;
 a safe place in which I no longer need to hide.
 I marvel at your beauty with every encounter.
 It was through you that I was finally able to acknowledge my own.

When I smoke, I’m able to connect with countless other women
 who feel the same way I feel at times;
 somehow less than others.
 But cannabis, you divine feminine creature,
 you have restored my own godliness!
 By installing a sense of self worth and self love
 I’ve never experienced before.
 Without judgment and stripped from pressure,
 I’m happily free in life.

We’ve shared many moons during our time together,
 a lot of growth in this lifetime with you.
 You’ve been more than an escape for me;
 you’re a release to the ego’s grind.
 The healer, the guide, the happy friend.
 I’ve seen the wonder of you.
 You stay with us when others might wander,
 you are a loyal and pleasant companion until the end.
 darling, you are the
 definition of a “good time”.

Originally published at MARY.