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The Flaws of Secularism

In the postmodern world, we live in. We synonymise secularism with progression. Secularism is the way forward. Religion is outdated, it doesn’t ‘fit’ with our modern narrative.

The Numerous flaws of Secularism

We move further away from religious values deeming them as being outdated. We are too progressive for religion apparently. However with the loss of religious fervour, values. There is no limit. There is not baseline.

On the basis of free speech, we have developed the idea that we can do whatever we want. We have lost any sense of moral boundaries.

Take Lil Nas new music video has sparked a lot of outrage and controversy. His satirisation of religion and the Abrahamic religions. Which has resulted in many religions speaking out against it and many non-religious people speaking out defending his actions.

Their argument is that he is using religion to “reclaim” the trauma that he faced for being homosexual. I mean, I personally don’t think that is a defence for the mocking of religion and something that is so sacred to many Muslims Jews and Christians. Despite that not being the intention it is in itself sheer blasphemy.

It seems that age we live we have so deeply rooted ourselves in liberalism and secularism to the point where it's okay to mock religions. It's okay to mock something that is scared. It just probes the question of how far are we willing to go. Is there nothing left in this world that we won't mock and ridicule on the basis that we should be allowed to do whatever we want. It is honestly frightening. I may sound dramatic but it honestly makes me worry.

Secularism in itself I think is a flawed concept with connotations of forward-thinking and progression. Take the Hijab Ban in France for instance, many western countries like France seem to suppress religious freedom on the basis they are forward-thinking and stopping the oppression of Muslim women. Isn’t that an oxymoron in itself? Not allowing religious freedom in the name of secularism.

I think we need to stop synonymizing secularism with progression and forward-thinking. This idea that religion is suppressive, and backwards is frankly a myth. Take the Muslim world, thriving under multiple religions and with a strong Islamic basis. The Muslim world was known for allowing religious freedom for Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians etc. The ethos of Islam allowed the Islamic world to thrive create some of the most important scientific discoveries architecture and many more. So don’t tell me that religion is backward and stops the progression of society. Numerous instances in the history of world societies have shown us otherwise.

Secularism is not the way forward despite what western society what you to think. Secularism doesnt automatically equal progression and a better utopia. In fact, it can sometimes be more suppressive than the thing it labels as suppressive. The irony.



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