Automating demo sites with Gatsby, Netlify and Airtable’s GraphQL API

Ana Rossetto
Jun 18 · 1 min read

Recording from JAMstack OPO#2

Marzee Labs is the new organizer of JAMstack meetups in Porto, Portugal. Our first event was held in Porto i/o Santa Catarina last June, 5th.

We had the luck to have with us Josh Smith. He helps SaaS teams find and keep product market fit at Sift and collaborates with startups to build products for mobile and web at Coderly.

Josh was working on an internal product to help him with his work with SaaS companies. He used Gatsby, Airtable’s GraphQL API and Netlify to automate the deployment of example demo sites for customers during sales calls.

He shared with the group how he built this product and shared a bit about his experience using #JAMstack to build and create digital products.

If you missed the event, don't panic.

We made the recording available for anyone out there interested. Just click here and enjoy -

Marzee Labs

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