How to Claim a .Celo Domain and Mint a Prosperity Passport

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It’s time to unleash your prosperity. Prosperity Passports are officially live on Celo!

Prosperity Passports, brought to you by Masa and Celo Foundation, are the first soulbound token-powered web3 token and identity solution for Celo blockchain users and developers.

An Inside Look at Prosperity Passports

The over 10-million unique wallets and users in the Celo ecosystem will now be able to use the power of soulbound tokens to unlock on-chain tools and real-world utility.

At Masa, we’re thrilled to be bringing our Soulbound Token technology to Celo. Celo’s large global user base, in addition to its mobile-first, low-gas and fast transaction speeds made it the perfect choice for our first major blockchain integration after our mainnet launch on Ethereum earlier in 2023.

Our vision is that by bringing soulbound technology to Celo, we create an ecosystem of trust which has minimal to no barrier of entry for people all over the world. Attracting new users to the Celo ecosystem and enabling existing users to access great financial products and services, including used for universal basic income, reputation scores and other financial products, universal basic income, reputation scores and other financial products.

By introducing SBTs to Celo projects and developers, we envision projects throughout the ecosystem building and integrating SBTs to their existing DeFi projects and Dapps. We have some exciting partnerships lined up within the Celo Ecosystem in the near future. Stay tuned!

Users can get started by minting their Prosperity Passport, which automatically creates their soulbound identity on Celo. Users also have the ability to mint a .celo domain, similar to an ENS domain, but on the Celo blockchain. All of which are explained below…

.Celo Domains

Once you create your Prosperity Passport, you can give it a domain name in the format of .celo, similar to an ENS. Up next, we’ll be working to integrate full .celo domain names within the Celo ecosystem wallet infrastructure, so you can use your .celo as your human-readable address across Celo.

Feel free to mint as many .celo domains as you like. Use any creative combination of letters, numbers and emojis, to create fun, unique and rare .celo domains.Don’t forget to share your newly minted .celo on social!

How to Claim a .Celo Domain & Mint a Prosperity Passport

  1. Visit

2. Connect your wallet and authenticate it on the Prosperity Passport dashboard. If you are not yet on Celo, add Celo Mainnet to your MetaMask and switch to Celo Mainnet.

3. You’ll be prompted to create and mint your unique .celo domains (e.g. refi.celo; green.celo). Pick a domain name for your Prosperity Passport, and the time-frame you’d like to register it for. You can use any combination of numbers, letters and emojis 🤩

4. Five-character .celo domains and above are free — you just need to pay the Celo gas gee. The average gas fee is $0.0005, according to Celo’s website.

Don’t have $CELO? You can buy and swap $CELO directly through major exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance, or through decentralized exchanges — Ubeswap, SquidSwap, ChangeNow. For more information about how to buy $CELO with fiat currencies in international markets, check out on-ramp solutions from this blog.

5. Approve the transaction & success, that’s it! Don’t forget to share your newly minted .celo domain on social.


We are excited to help you start your prosperity journey. We have some exciting rewards, perks, and partnerships lined up within the Celo Ecosystem in the near future. Stay tuned!

Get started by creating your Prosperity Passport here: app.prosperity.passport

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