How to Get the Masa Token Airdrop

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Masa Mainnet is now live! Mint your .Soul name and credit score today


The Masa Soul Name NFT drop and Mainnet launch is officially happening on January 17th. Let’s make web3 history together!

When we go live and early access opens, act fast to mint your .soul name, which will qualify you for our Masa Token airdrop.

Here is everything you need to know about how to get the airdrop…

How the Airdrop Works

In order to be eligible for the Masa Token Airdrop, you’ll need to be one of the first 50,000 soulbound, unique users to mint your .soul name when we go live on the Ethereum mainnet.

  1. Once early access opens, visit Masa will share links to the mainnet page once it’s live. Please, only click links shared by official Masa social channels.
  2. Connect your wallet and authenticate it.
  3. Create your Masa Soulbound Identity and approve the transaction.
  4. You’ll be prompted to create and mint your .soul name
  5. Pick a rare .soul name, the time-frame you’d like to register it for, and claim your soul.
  6. Approve the transaction & success, that’s it!

After you mint your first .soul name, go to the Masa dashboard, click on “soul names,” and feel free to mint as many as you like!

If you’re one of the first 50,000 to mint a .soul name, you’ll be automatically registered for the Masa Token airdrop. Masa will formally announce once the first 50,000 have been minted.

Note: There is only one airdrop allocation per Soulbound verified-wallet. Minting multiple .soul names is encouraged, just keep in mind you’ll receive one airdrop eligibility per verified-wallet.

Masa Soul Names on OpenSea

Masa Soul Names will be immediately viewable and available to trade on OpenSea. Go to the Masa Dashboard, click on “See on OpenSea,” and you’ll see your Masa Soul Name NFT in your wallet.

From there, you can start trading your unique and rare .soul names in the secondary market.

Allowlist & Early Access

If you minted a Masa Soul Name (MSN) on any of our testnet environments (Alfajores or Goerli ETH), then you are automatically on the allowlist to get early access for the mainnet launch.

Note: Users must utilize the same wallet they used to mint a .soul name on testnet to get early access to the mint. Your wallet address you minted on testnet will be whitelisted and grant you access.

Make sure you are registered for early access for the best chance to qualify for the airdrop. The allowlist will close 48-hours before our mainnet launch.

Mainnet is now live, allow list has closed: Mint your .Soul name and credit score today

Launch Timeline

  • Early access will open at 1 pm UTC // 8 am ET on January 17th.
  • Public access will open at 4 pm UTC // 11 am ET on January 17th.

Masa Soul Name Fees

Soul name fees are based on the rarity of the characters. The shorter the .soul name, the rarer they are, as there is a limited amount of soul names with just a few characters. Shorter .soul names are also more sought after, as they are easily recognizable, memorable and simple to use.

Here is the Soul Name pricing table:

All soul names minted, regardless of fees, will be eligible for the airdrop.

Wen Masa Token and Airdrop?

The Masa Token will be launched in 2023. The team is incredibly focused on bringing the first and premiere Soulbound Utility token to the crypto market.

All first 50,000 users who mint their .Soul Names and qualify for the airdrop will be tracked on the blockchain. The Masa Team will ensure each and every user who qualifies receives the airdrop once it’s distributed.

Please follow our official social channels (Twitter Discord & Telegram) to get the latest updates and announcements on Masa, the Token and when the Airdrop will be distributed.

Want to learn more about Masa Soul Names?

Read our blog: Masa Soul Names Explained: Utility, Rarity & Value

— — — — — — — -

Thanks to our incredible community for all the support! We have over 200,000 community members who registered to get early access to the Masa Soul Name mint.

Act fast and go mint your .soul name when early access opens! Get ready — the Masa moon mission is ready for takeoff 🌖

Be a part of the Masa Community 🌽

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