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The journey so far…

On January 17th, Masa launched a standardized Soulbound Token protocol that gave individuals a way to build and share their authentic identity on-chain. Think of this on-chain identity as a web3 passport, unlocking perks, utilities, financial tools, and reputation within the web3 economy.

We delivered on our goal of making a web3 identity as easy as minting an NFT. So far over 10,000 .soul names and soulbound identities have been minted across 40 countries, and our community has grown to over 100,000 strong.

To thank everyone who has minted a .soul name, we are excited to share the next stage in unlocking value for our community.

Introducing Masa Societies

Each Masa .Soul Name (MSN) is unique by design, serving as a domain name for your soulbound identity. The rarity of MSNs are, in part, based on the number of characters they have, from 1 to 5+.

For .soul name holders between 1 to 5+ characters in length, we would like to welcome you to your Society:

  • Earth: 5+ characters
  • Moon: 4 characters
  • Solar: 3 characters
  • Galaxy: 2 characters
  • Universe: 1 character

Each Society tier will unlock different perks, exclusive groups, and rewards. Access to a Masa society is not limited by time or region. You do not have to perform any tasks or sign up, you simply need to hold your MSN in your wallet with its associated rarity.

This is our way of giving back and rewarding the community who have supported Masa’s protocol, mission and vision.

Depending on your Masa society you will be given priority access to offers and perks including but not limited to:

  • Limited edition NFTs
  • Early access to exclusive launches
  • Priority membership to ambassador program
  • Speciality access to new product releases or mints
  • Special Masa society campaigns and token rewards
  • Direct team access for questions and support
  • Access to exclusive Discord society group
  • Swag, merch and gifts
  • + more

We’re thrilled to share the first exclusive glimpse into the benefits for society members. The value and level of access will correspond to your .soul and society tier. By minting a new .soul name you can always gain access to new tiers that correspond with your .soul name rarity. In the future, we will be unveiling the specific perks and rewards each tier will receive. This is just the beginning!

As we announce new partnerships and collaborations you can expect your society to grow in size and utility. You just need to mint your .soul name to join. Mint here.

Masa Societies — First Edition NFT Artist collaboration

Masa will be collaborating with industry leading NFT artists in 2023.

Society members will have the opportunity to receive an NFT for each MSN NFT they hold with its associated rarity. New members will be able to participate by minting a .soul name, entering a Masa Society.

This is the first of many exclusives we will be rolling out this year and beyond. Alongside offering real-world web3 utility we aim to continually reward and surprise our community for their contributions and engagement.

Introducing Jacob Riglin

Our first collaborator is artist and friend of Masa Jacob Riglin — For the past 8 years Jacob has spent the majority of his time traveling to the far corners of the earth, showcasing how surreal the real world can be. His work pushes the boundaries of photography and generative art harnessing on-chain randomisation mechanics. View and read more about his most recent collection Journeys and previous work Reflections.

Jacob is our first announced artist to collaborate in Masa Societies NFT project. Stay tuned for more information on the timings for the NFT drop..

How to join Masa Societies

It’s simple, mint a .Soul name between 1 and 5+ characters in length and you are automatically a member.

  1. Visit
  2. Follow the links provided on the landing page to Masa Dashboard.
  3. Connect your wallet and authenticate it on the Masa Dashboard.
  4. Create your Masa Soulbound Identity and approve the transaction.
  5. You’ll be prompted to create and mint your .soul name
  6. Pick a rare .soul name, the time-frame you’d like to register it for and claim your soul.
  7. Approve the transaction & success, that’s it!
  8. After you mint your first .soul name, go to the Masa dashboard, click on “soul names,” and feel free to mint as many as you like!

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