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Introducing 🌽 Masa v1: Personal Finance Management, DeFi Credit Score, and Uncollateralized Loans

Today we are excited to share an overview of 🌽 Masa v1. We will be releasing a closed beta version of the platform on the 2nd of August 2021 to a select group of test users: you can sign up to the waitlist here. Over the subsequent two months, we will be iterating on our initial release and adding incremental features every two-week sprint for user testing to ensure the platform is stable and has the highest level of security. The general public release will be around the 1st of October 2021.

🌽 Masa v1 will enable personal finance management, the creation of your decentralized credit score, and access to uncollateralized loans.

🌽 Masa v1 introduces the following:

For individuals

  • Personal finance management dashboard, giving individuals a holistic view of their finances and personal wealth across their CeFI and DeFi accounts.
  • DeFi credit score, individuals will be able to use their financial data and connect their traditional credit report to enable uncollateralized loans through our Automated Lending Pools (ALPs). We use machine learning to create credit scores for individuals with thin files.
  • Uncollateralized loans, individuals will be able to access undercollateralized USDC loans from our Automated Lending Pools (ALPs). At launch, loan sizes will be modest and only available to individuals in specific regions; the USA, Canada, and Europe.

For investors and institutions

  • Automated Lending Pools (ALPs), allow liquidity providers (LPs) to stake USDC used in uncollateralized lending; LPs earn USDC interest and get debt farming rewards paid out in $CORN tokens. Signup to be an LP here
  • Backstop Liquidity Providers (BLPs), BLPs purchase delinquent or defaulted debt from ALPs. BLPs use 🌽 Masa’s collections API to recover and report borrowers through traditional off-chain collections processes. Signup to be a BLP here

For developers and node operators

  • Financial Data Oracles (FDOs) v1, are validator node operators who provide real-time financial data feeds to ALPs that enable uncollateralized loans. FDOs are required to stake $CORN tokens. FDOs are paid in USDC from loan origination fees and earn a share of validator rewards paid in $CORN tokens. Signup to be a node operator here
  • Collections API, provides verified collections data (identity, income verification, address information) through 🌽 Masa’s FDOs. BLPs use the collections API to efficiently enforce outstanding debt collections from borrowers through traditional off-chain collection processes.

Note: Origination fees are charged on a borrower’s loan and are distributed by ALPs to FDOs and the 🌽 Masa treasury.

We are still in semi-stealth, but our waitlist is open — sign up here. We are looking for beta testers, liquidity providers, developers, validator node operators, and team members, email us at to join us on our journey.

To be the first to have access to 🌽 Masa, you can sign up to our waitlist here.


The 🌽 Masa team

Key resources:

🔥 Notion public product roadmap

🏗️ GitHub profile: our repos are in private until public release

You can reach us on the following channels:









Masa is a decentralized financial data platform that allows you to own and share your financial data with one-click. Validate data on-chain with $CORN

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