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Masa Finance selected as a CoinList Seed Startup.

According to CNBC Blockchain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) start-ups continue raising immense amounts of cash despite a pullback in cryptocurrency values.

2021 was a blockbuster year for cryptocurrencies and the ventures being developed to support the growth of the industry. Crypto and blockchain start-ups raised a record $25 billion last year, marking an eightfold increase year-on-year, according to CB Insights data, as venture capitalists sought to ride a mid-year rally in bitcoin and other tokens.

Considering the overwhelming number of ventures entering the sector, CoinList created CoinList Seed, a “Virtual Demo Day” for early-stage projects, to identify promising crypto startups and showcase them to their community.

CoinList Seed was introduced in 2020 as a platform for early-stage crypto entrepreneurs to connect with the global CoinList community. Since launching the program, they have hosted over 50 well-known & highly successful startups in the program.

Interest in the program has grown tremendously, with over 1,000 startup applicants for the last batch of CoinList Seed, compared to just 80 applicants for the first cohort. Participants benefit from broad exposure to the CoinList community of over 4 million KYC-verified users, collaborations with other CoinList Seed companies, and lots of love from crypto media.

Many of these companies presenting at CoinList Seed have gone on to raise funding from top-tier investment funds including Pantera Capital, Electric Capital, Multicoin, Blocktower, and Placeholder, and many have launched their tokens, protocols, or dApps across the crypto ecosystem with widespread adoption.

Masa Finance was selected in the Fall 2021 batch which led to inquiries from hundreds of potential investors and helped raise an additional $1M to close our pre-seed round. While we were in stealth mode at the time, the CoinList spotlight was appreciated as it acknowledged the hard work of our engineering team.

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Masa is a decentralized financial data platform that allows you to own and share your financial data with one-click. Validate data on-chain with $CORN

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