Masa Token Airdrop Update

Airdrop Phase 1 Snapshot & Phase 2 Airdrop Quest Coming in January 2024




It’s with much excitement that we prepare for the launch of the Masa Network, and the Masa Token coming in Q1 2024. In preparation for the Masa Network launch, it’s time to provide an update on our highly-anticipated Masa Token airdrop.

We are excited to introduce the multi-phase Masa airdrop. Our multi-phase approach will honor our incredible early adopter community, while ensuring the Masa community can grow leading to our network launch.

Airdrop Phase 1: MASA Early Adopter Airdrop

The Masa Early Adopter Airdrop will honor the loyal members of our Masa community. This includes those who minted and collected SBTs, and minted domains and, of course, Soulnames.

There will be a snapshot for Phase 1 of this airdrop to ensure users have time to mint before the end of the year.

MASA Airdrop Phase 1 Snapshot: On December 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm ET

How it Works: Tokens will be distributed algorithmically based on the number of SBTs you’ve minted and domains you hold across Celo, Base and with our partners.

Masa Soul Name holders will receive a significant airdrop token bonus to honor their early conviction in our project.

All mints must occur before December 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm ET. We’re excited to honor our early adopters with this exclusive airdrop.

Airdrop Phase 2: MASA Airdrop Quest

It’s official, the Masa Airdrop Quest is coming in January of 2024.

We’re very excited to unveil our Airdrop Quest, which will give the community an opportunity to complete clear tasks to earn MASA tokens.

How it Works:

  • Join the Masa Community and complete social tasks to earn tokens
  • Verify your account
  • Invite and refer your friends to earn additional tokens!

Community members who qualify for the MASA Early Adopter Airdrop are also eligible and welcome to participate in the MASA Airdrop Quest. A great opportunity to double down on Masa!

The Masa Airdrop Quest will help us grow the Masa community in preparation for our network launch. The Airdrop Quest will remain open until the network is ready to launch, and we’ll announce the official date the airdrop quest will be closing. Tokens will be distributed fairly to each user who completes the quest.

Happy questing!

Airdrop Phase 3: Masa Network Airdrop

In the future, there will be a MASA token airdrop for Masa Network participants, and those who contribute data to the Masa Network. The timeline for this is to be determined, and will only take place after the Masa Network has had time to grow and evolve.

Airdrop Token Distribution

Tokens earned in Phase 1 & Phase 2 of our Masa Token airdrop will be distributed after the Masa Network and MASA Token go live.

Once our token-generation event is complete and the token is launched into the crypto-sphere, we’ll announce the MASA token airdrop claim page for the community to claim their airdrop.

The Masa Network is set to launch in Q1 2024, and testing is well underway.

In Conclusion

The MASA token airdrop will take place in multiple phases, and Phase 1 will close at the end of 2023. Phase 2 will be launching in January of 2024, and we’re very excited to invite the entire web3 community to participate in our MASA Airdrop Quest.

Get ready — it’s coming!

Terms & Conditions

The airdrop is currently only available to non-US Persons and to persons that pass global KYC and sanctions screening with our third party provider.

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