Masa x Mesha Partnership: Introducing Soulbound Business Identity and Line of Credit

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Masa Mainnet is now live! Mint your .Soul name and credit score today

We are thrilled to announce that Masa and Mesha have partnered to launch web3’s first Soulbound Line of Credit for web3 organizations.

Corporate credit cards have become a norm for web2 companies, but few are suited to serve web3-native organizations. The new Soulbound Line of Credit product brings the first natively on-chain, soulbound business line of credit to web3-native organizations. It enables web3 organizations — from DAOs, to companies, to NFT projects, to games — to deploy credit to multiple wallets with one click.

Notably, by leveraging multisig wallets, web3 organizations can create efficient, secure and scalable credit programs for their teammates and contributors, as well as their users and community members. For example, DAOs can deploy multisig wallets with a line of credit for its contributors; companies can create spend limits for its teammates; Play-to-Earn games can add a line of credit for its users.

Here is how it works: Masa enables web3 organizations to create an authenticated on-chain business identity: Masa Soulbound Identity. Think Dun & Bradstreet, but for web3 organizations and on-chain.

Masa Soulbound Business Identity holders can connect their wallets to generate their web3 credit report for their Mesha Soulbound Line of Credit. Using the Mesha Line of Credit system, web3 organizations create scalable credit programs for their teammates, contributors, users, and communities and deploy capital to multisig wallets in one click.

Overtime, businesses’ repayment history will be incorporated into their Masa Soulbound Identity, web3 credit report, and build their creditworthiness on-chain.

Masa and Mesha are working together to roll out the Soulbound Line of Credit shortly after the Masa Mainnet launch on January 17, offering utility for emerging web3 organizations, across DAOs, companies, projects and games. We believe this partnership, and Soulbound Line of Credit, will create meaningful real-world utility for web3 organizations and the communities they serve.

“While many web3 organizations are building the future, their internal financial operations remain manual, burdensome and overly reliant on web2 and traditional systems. Soulbound Line of Credit creates the first on-chain distributed-credit experience, and makes it as efficient as processing a single transaction, or can be automated through dynamic smart contracts. Masa is excited to partner with Mesha, and provide the identity and credit report backbone to Soulbound Line of Credit,” says Calanthia Mei, Co-founder at Masa.

“We’re incredibly excited to work with Masa to launch our Line of Credit product. Web3 organizations have been limited by their ability to access credit easily, and this partnership will enable both organizations and the ecosystem to scale to new heights,” says Tahem Verma, co-founder of Mesha.

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