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Masa, the first and fastest-growing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible Soulbound Token (SBT) protocol, today announced the launch of Soulbound Lending pools, in partnership with Teller.

Soulbound Lending pools represent a groundbreaking decentralized lending system, where a user’s web3 credit score and soulbound identity can be utilized to establish creditworthiness, unlocking the ability for borrowers to generate instant-approval and customized loans based on assets in wallet, and build credit history through repaying loans on time.

How Soulbound Lending Pools Work

Utilizing soulbound tokens, a web3 user can create their digital identity, and mint a web3 credit score on Masa. Web 3 credit scores, powered by Cred Protocol, calculate a users’ past transactions, asset values held in their wallets, and any loan history associated with their wallet on major DeFi protocols such as AAVE or Compound.

Web3 credit scores can be calculated across multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism & Arbritum. Learn more about how your web3 credit score is calculated here.

Once a user mints a web3 credit score SBT on Masa, they will see lending pools available on both Ethereum and Polygon. They can visit the Teller lending pools from the Masa Dashboard, and instantly generate a loan with a lower collateralization ratio than many other DeFi lending protocols.

How to Get a Soulbound Loan

How to Get a Soulbound Loan

  1. Go to the Masa Dashboard —

2. Create your Masa Soulbound Identity through a simple transaction.

3. Mint a Masa Soul Name for your Soulbound Identity. 5+ character .soul names are only $10 plus gas to mint.

4. Click on “Credit Score” or “DeFi Loans” on the dashboard.

5. Mint your Web3 credit score.

6. You’ll be redirected to a screen which shows you your credit score as well as the available lending pools. Click on one of the Soulbound Lending Pools

In order to generate an instant loan you’ll need to have the required collateral in your wallet. To generate a loan on Ethereum, you can utilize WETH & MATIC as collateral. When you generate a loan on Polygon, you can utilize WETH, MATIC & WMATIC as collateral.

7. You’ll be redirected to Teller’s website which will automatically know that you have a Masa Soulbound Identity and Web3 credit score.

8. Select “Instant Loan”

9. The Teller system will ensure you have enough assets in your wallet to collateralize the loan. 130% collateralization ratio is necessary.

Process the transaction to put your assets up for collateral and instantly receive the loan.

Please note all loans are for 7-days, and must be repaid within 7-days or your collateral will be liquidated. For questions about loan repayment, you can reach the Teller team directly on Teller discord’s and join v2-alpha testing.

“When Masa was first created, we envisioned users being able to establish creditworthiness on-chain to unlock financial opportunities and lending to over a billion people all over the world. Now, using SBTs and in partnership with Teller, we’re making this vision a reality. As more and more web3 users establish creditworthiness, we aspire to reduce the collateralization required to unlock instant access to borrowing and liquidity. We see a massive potential for this to uplift people’s lives all over the world.” — Brendan Playford, Masa Co-Foudner

“Teller and Masa are on a mission to bring Personalized Finance to DeFi. Web3 credit scores, combined with soulbound identity, introduce new opportunities for onchain borrowers. DeFi users can now unlock custom terms, based on their unique onchain activity, and borrow against any token in their wallet” — Ryan Berkun, Teller Founder & CEO

In conclusion, Soulbound Lending Pools offer a fast, efficient and secure way for borrowers to access instant loans. By tapping into the power of blockchain technology and decentralized finance, Masa and Teller are paving the way for a new era of lending

About Masa

Masa is web3’s premier Soulbound Token protocol. Masa Soulbound Identity is a web3 users’ digital passport, bridging the gap between users’ on-chain and off-chain activities, personal information, authentication, and permissioned sharing. Developers are able to easily mint Soulbound Tokens leveraging Masa’s infrastructure in DeFi, NFT, GameFi and DAOs, paving the way to bring the next billion users into web3.

About Teller

Teller Protocol is a decentralized, non-custodial lending book that allows users to lend and borrow any crypto asset with time based liquidation. Teller brings forth the first use case of on-chain credit in DeFi, which gives liquidity providers insights into wallet repayment probability which then allows yields above money market rates. Teller is live on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

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