Prosperity Passport Update: A Lookback on The First 21 Days and What’s Next

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On March 10, Masa and Celo Foundation collaborated to launch Prosperity Passport, the first Soulbound Token-powered web3 identity solution for Celo blockchain users and developers.

Twenty days later, we are blown away by the tremendous adoption of the Prosperity Passport from all corners of the globe. Over 258,000 .celo domain names have been minted, and over 42,000 Prosperity Passport SBTs have been created. Over 42,000 unique global users have officially embarked on their soulbound journey on Celo.

In this blog post, we would like to give you an inside-look behind the exponential growth of the Prosperity Passport in the first 20 days since launch, and the exciting utilities, perks and integrations coming soon to Prosperity Passport.

Exponential Growth in the First 20 Days

At Masa, our vision is that by bringing soulbound identity to Celo, we create an ecosystem, with a minimal barrier of entry, for global users to unlock on-chain tools and real-world utility built by the mission-driven Celo ecosystem. The launch of Prosperity Passport marked the next step in our long-standing collaboration with the Celo Foundation, dating back to 2021 when Masa won the grand prize for Celo Camp Batch 4.

We are blown away by the enthusiasm, mint volume, and adoption of the Prosperity Passport. Twenty days in, over 42,000 unique global users have embarked on their soulbound journey on Celo, many new to the ecosystem. More than 258,000 .celo domain names have been minted, and more than 42,000 identity SBTs have been claimed in the process. You can track the exponential growth in real time here.

Just four days ago, we celebrated crossing 200,000 mints. Mints continue to flow in from every part of the world. Top communities include Vietnam, India, Nigeria, Indonesia, Russia, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Singapore, United States and Pakistan.

Celo’s mobile-first, low-gas and fast transaction speeds made it the perfect choice for our first major blockchain integration after our January 2023 Ethereum mainnet launch. The average gas fee of $0.001 per transaction significantly lowered the barrier of entry to web3 for a globally decentralized user base.

Delivering Utilities and Perks to Prosperity Passport Holders

Prosperity Passports and Celo Domain Names are just the beginning. Behind the scenes, the Masa team has been working hard with the Celo ecosystem of builders and projects to deliver utilities and integrations for the Prosperity Passport.

As each of these unique utilities and use cases go live, we’ll be announcing partnerships within the Celo Ecosystem. Until those formal partnerships are announced, here is a sneak peak of what’s next for your .celo domain and Prosperity Passport:

Use Your .Celo as Your Unique Identifier

Once you create your Prosperity Passport, you can give it a domain name in the format of .celo, similar to an ENS. We are working to integrate .celo domain names within top wallets and dapps in the Celo ecosystem. So you can use your .celo as your human-readable address across Celo. Unlocking utility such as: sending payments using your .celo domain names, adding your .celo to wallet profiles, showcasing .celo in your NFT collections, and many more.

Celo Wallet Integrations

Similarly, in the near future, we will support top Celo wallets in the Prosperity Passport, so existing Celo wallet users will be able to connect their Celo wallets and start their soulbound journey.

Earn Rewards and Achievement Badges

As you complete quests and build your on-chain reputation using the Prosperity Passport, you will have the opportunity to earn achievement badges in your Passport. These badges are powered by Soulbound Tokens, and thus are non-transferrable.

In order to earn achievement badges, you’ll need to perform simple actions from our Celo ecosystem partners, such as claiming universal basic income, watching a financial education video, saving more money, or joining a community. More badges you have, more rewards and soulbound airdrops you can unlock from our Celo ecosystem partners.

Invite Friends and Earn Tokens

Invite your friends and followers to Prosperity Passport, and get verified to earn tokens from Masa and our Celo ecosystem partners. We will unveil our exciting Referral Program debut soon — stay tuned.

Unlock Decentralized Credit & Lending Opportunities

Using Prosperity Passport, you will be able to build your on-chain credit worthiness through demonstrating asset values, account reputability and repayment activities. Over time, you will be able to use your credit score SBT to apply for a decentralized finance loan through our Celo ecosystem partners, getting more financial access on-chain.

Use Your “Verified” Badge Everywhere

Tired of doing facial recognitions, uploading ID documents, completing long onboarding questionnaires every time when you need to access a new Dapp? Using soulbound token technology, Masa is pioneering a reusable verification badge, dubbed Masa Green SBT. Our goal is to integrate with Celo projects in the future, so you can safely re-use and permission your verified information without hassle.

The Future is Bright

In conclusion, we are excited to help you jumpstart your prosperity journey. Over the next months, we will announce Prosperity Passport partnerships and integrations, and detailed instructions on how you can participate in these exciting opportunities.

We thank each and every one of you for your incredible support, and appreciate all who have minted along the way. SBTs will continue to grow on Celo, and we invite you to join the movement.

Get started by creating your Prosperity Passport here: app.prosperity.passport

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