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We’ve come a long way — Masa’s focus post pre-seed investment

You may have seen the news in Tech Crunch this morning. Our pre-seed raise was a culmination of a team and community effort and we’re incredibly excited to share our success with the world. One thing is for sure- we would not be where we are today without the support and passionate drive of our team, engagement within our community channels, and astounding developer interest. Thank you to our investors Unshackled Ventures, GoldenTree Asset Management, Flori Ventures , GSR, Decentranet, Intersect VC, Lateral Capital, Peer VC, Alves Ventures for joining us on this journey towards a better, more inclusive world.

“The technologies I build are mission-driven at their core. It takes a unique individual to excel in a mission-driven company, not least one with a goal of bringing the next billion people to DeFi. These individuals have long-term mindsets and are not afraid of big ideas. Characters with a vision to square up to the biggest challenges the world faces, with enough grit to tackle the toughest technical problems that exist. Individuals who are not afraid to say current standards are not up to scratch.” Brendan Playford CEO

What does the raise mean for Masa:

With the pre-seed behind us, we’re now focusing on raising a seed round to increase the engineering team’s size, launch the protocol, conduct a public token sale, scale users and node operators, and continue to drive developers and lenders to the platform. Individuals and liquidity providers will soon be able to sign up for a beta account for mobile and web, while developers and node operators can get started in the developer documents here.

On the marketing and community side we’re expanding our team to include a Marketing Manager and more community ambassadors. Expect more content and a formalization of our token rewards system. We’re also stepping up our visibility across interviews on crypto native and mainstream financial media outlets as well as appearances at conferences.

Brendan recently speaking at DeFi Summit, joined by Karl Jacob: Co-founder & CEO, LoanSnap, and Elizabeth Mathew: Executive Director, Consensys

We started Masa Finance with the specific goal to disrupt the current socioeconomic inequality paradigm and unlock financial freedom by making credit and wealth creation available to anyone through decentralized finance (DeFi). The completion of our pre-seed round is a major step toward that goal. We have secured the resources and funding to continue to develop our protocol and build integrations with financial service providers that share our vision of inclusion. Here’s to the next 6 months!

Support us!

If you are an engineer or passionate about blockchain and access to credit, please check out our careers page here or email us at — we would love to hear from you!

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