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Founding Impact: Why founders can’t ignore their mental well-being?

Are you aware of the biggest risk factor behind the majority of startup failures?

Do you know what measures you can take to prevent this from happening and make sure that your team is thriving?

In this episode of the Founding Impact podcast Kasia Zalewska, Maciej Gałkiewicz and Joshua Haynes from Masawa answer these questions and much more. If you’d like to better understand the importance of mental wellness in startups and learn how investors can support founders and build awareness of mental wellbeing for the sustainability of their investment portfolios, give it a listen.




Masawa is the world’s first mental wellness impact fund, committed to shifting the established paradigms of investment and mental health support. We invest in founders innovating mental wellness and work with them to maximize impact, organizational health, and financial returns.

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We are the mental wellness impact fund. We invest in companies innovating mental wellness and help them succeed through impact & organizational health support.

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