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Masawa Minute 28

When AI meets psychedelics | Brain Capital is the next big thing | + More!

A co-working place, people are sitting next to a window with a view to the city and working on their laptops. there’s also a chess board behind them
  • How will the stigma surrounding mental health evolve?
  • How does the workplace of the future promote resilience?
  • How will novel technologies like digital therapeutics, AI, Brain-Computing Interface (BCI), and gene therapy affect how mental health services are accessed and enhanced?



Masawa is the world’s first mental wellness impact fund, committed to shifting the established paradigms of investment and mental health support. We invest in founders innovating mental wellness and work with them to maximize impact, organizational health, and financial returns.

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We are the mental wellness impact fund. We invest in companies innovating mental wellness and help them succeed through impact & organizational health support.