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The climate crisis is a crisis of relationships

And we need inner transformation to address it. Reflections on my participation in the Mind & Life Summer Research Institute.

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A different story of time and place

In his talk, Dr. Kyle Whyte, a member of the Potawatomi Citizen Nation and professor of Environment and Sustainability, made the case for another way of looking at the timing of climate change. In the West, climate change is often presented in linear time. It’s seen as a phenomenon that, over time, is either rising or falling. In the last century, the planet’s temperature has been rising quickly, and as climate scientists and activists alike have pointed out, the window to act is closing upon us; we need to act now. Indeed, every minute we continue business as usual has serious consequences on people and the planet.

From a story of separation to a story of kinship

As the world dies around us, so does the world within us

What, then, are the implications when we come to view the world as anima mundi, the intricate connection between all life on earth? If we really are part of one and the same earth family, how do we respond to the perpetual loss of our earthly relatives?

The way forward starts within us

In closing

The Mind & Life SRI has been a transformative experience for me. Being exposed to novel ideas and ways of being, participating in guided meditations and contemplative practices, and being part of a passionate community awakened in me a newfound sense of hope and joy.



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