Digital Bullet Journal is so useful

My Bullet Journal in my iPad Pro

The beginning of my interesting about Bullet Journal is from one of my friends. She gently taught me about it. But I always use digital tools for scheduling and managing my job. So, at that time, I didn’t started Bullet Journal.

I’m a freelance worker. And I’m worried about I can’t stop working also at Holiday. So I decided to start Bullet Journal for only my private.

I was sitting on the fence how to start it. One part of my mind wants to use cool notebooks likes Moleskin. But I have an iPad Pro, also good app for handwriting. That’s why, I started Digital Bullet Journal.

The date started Digital Bullet Journal is 15th, September. I always bring iPad for work, so it’s easy to continue writing daily log. If I couldn’t open my iPad Pro, I write down my memo app in my iPhone. Step by step, I’m looking forward to writing or drawing something on my Digital Bullet Journal.

And, Digital Bullet Journal is so useful. I can use without mind about how to use pages. If I wanted to add new page before the page now I’m writing, I can easily do it. Plus, I can also copy any pages.

In Japan, there are extremely many schedule books. But many people can’t continue using. Of course, It must be continued using, but It seems many people want to use schedule books more freely. I wish If they knew about Bullet Journal, also by iPad Pro or newest iPad.