10 Best Property Management Websites for 2019

Eman Hamed
Aug 15 · 8 min read

With rental demand constantly growing, the demand for property management services has increased as well. This is why becoming a property manager is a top real estate career path in 2019. However, managing rental properties comes with many duties including overseeing rental units, maintaining properties, screening tenants, marketing, accounting, and more. If you can’t handle all of this, your rental property management business is going to suffer. Unless, of course, you consider getting the much-needed help from property management websites.

In this digital age, technology has changed the real estate game. And with the increasing competition in this field, property management software and tools have become even more beneficial. There are lots of websites out there that help property managers streamline and automate tasks in order to operate more efficiently, reduce expenses and, thus, increase profits. Wondering which property management website is best for you? In this article, we present 10 of the best websites along with the tools/services they offer that’ll simplify your life as a property manager in 2019.

1- Mashvisor

From all the best property management websites on this list, Mashvisor is the most unique. This is because the site offers various tools that a number of real estate professionals will appreciate. When it comes to rental property managers, Mashvisor created Mashboard to help them by using data. Besides allowing you to stay in touch with your clients more efficiently in an automated manner, it also allows you to scale your business. Instead of spending a lot of time chasing new leads, use Mashboard to identify which of your current clients are ready to buy a new investment property to add to their portfolio.

Mashboard also comes with another tool called the Property Recommender. This allows you to access a vast supply of properties from the MLS, Auction.com, and off-market properties. It automatically matches your client with the right property. Mashvisor pulls property data from reliable sources including Redfin and Zillow, crunches the numbers, and then presents them to you with a comprehensive analysis. Ultimately, this helps you succeed as a property manager as it saves time when evaluating properties and ensures that you’re showing your clients the perfect property for them.

Visit Mashboard today to see the other features it has to offer and learn how you can boost your property management career!

2- Appfolio

Founded in 2006, Appfolio is now one of the most popular property management websites as it covers all the basic needs of a property manager. It’s a cloud-based system that provides several tools and features to help you automate your business and boost your rental property management career. The tools Appfolio provides include rent collection tools, accounting tools, marketing tools, maintenance request systems, and more. Plus, all of its features can be used from any device on-the-go.

A more unique service that Appfolio provides is that it helps you set up your own property management website so you can start building your online brand. Property managers appreciate their services regardless of the type of properties they’re managing. Hence, whether you manage multifamily homes, single-family homes, student housing, HOA, condo, or commercial properties, this website will help you streamline your workday and focus on your bottom line.

3- Rentec Direct

Whether you’re a landlord managing a few properties or a professional property manager with thousands, Rentec Direct includes numerous features you need to make your operations more efficient. This website comes with a set of tools that allows for automated clearing house (ACH) payments, accounting, tenant screening, and logins for both tenants and owners. It also allows property managers to publish vacancies online on third-party platforms so they can reach out to more people.

Rentec Direct also has a tenant screening tool that’s accessible to both landlords and property managers. With the click of a button, you can pull tenants’ credit reports, criminal background reports, Social Security number verification, employment verification, and check their eviction history. Not only that, but it also comes with a lead tracking tool — this helps in matching prospective tenants to your vacant rentals based on the tenant’s preferences and price range.

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4- TenantCloud

If you’re a new property manager or if you’re on a budget, TenantCloud is the ideal website for you. For those with fewer than 75 units to manage, the site is completely free and you’ll still get most of the must-have tools that you’d get from other rental property management websites. Among the features that TenantCloud offers include online communication, agreement template builder, maintenance requests, vacancy marketing, insurance tracking, service reminders, and more. Tenants can also set up a renter profile, apply online, and submit maintenance requests. Furthermore, rent collection on TenantCloud is as good as anywhere else — two roommates can even pay their individual shares of rent independently of each other, a feature we didn’t see anywhere else.

5- MRI Software

MRI Software is a leading provider of innovative real estate software applications and hosted solutions. It offers comprehensive technology for managing rental properties -commercial and residential. This includes marketing rentals, screening, and inspections. It gives your staff the tools to improve engagement and communication, plus allows you to strategically manage and analyze your entire portfolio. With the tools that MRI Software provides, you’ll have the ability to transform your property management company in 2019 and run your business without compromise!

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The top features of MRI Software are integrated accounting, online marketing, and resident engagement. Using these tools, property managers can centralize their marketing, accounting, and management in one set of data that you can access whenever you want. As a result, this will help you achieve greater accuracy by automating the screening and inspections processes, stay on top of rental property performance, as well as take control and chase down new opportunities all in one property management website.

6- Yardi

Next up is Yardi, a cloud-based platform that provides integrated property management and investment management solutions for all real estate verticals. It helps investors and residential property managers be more effective, efficient, and competitive. To better meet your needs, you have the option to choose from two platforms:

  • Yardi Breeze: a simple software designed for small to mid-sized property management companies and owners of single-family homes, multifamily and commercial properties
  • Yardi Voyager: a more comprehensive platform that supports medium to large-sized property management companies, owners, and investors of commercial and residential real estate

Both options give you access to solutions that cover every aspect of property management. If you’re using Yardi as a property management tool, you’ll be provided with an integrated accounting system, comprehensive reporting, lease renewal workflow, rent payment monitoring system, maintenance, automatic monitoring of insurance policy, and much more.

7- Buildium

Buildium is known to be one of the best, easy-to-use, affordable rental property management websites in 2019. The top features the platform offers include accounting tools to track budgets, rent, vendor payments, and more with powerful reporting. It also comes with a range of business operations including document storage, maintenance request tracking, property inspections, and renters insurance. Moreover, you’ll also get a number of leasing features that’ll help you find better tenants with customizable rental applications, comprehensive tenant screening, and a showings coordinator tool.

Users can also monitor business expenses, file 1099s during tax season, and create their own professional websites to host rental listings. Buildium also comes with portals for board members, residents, and property owners, thus making it easy for you to communicate with all the stakeholders. Moreover, it has a mobile app that lets you do some important tasks like managing work orders, manually entering payments, and others while on the go.

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8- Rent Manager

Rent Manager has just as much functionality as our top picks of the best property management software. What’s special about it is that it’s the most customizable and user-friendly software out there. Property managers can tailor everything to their individual needs, down to what icons appear on the dashboard and what choices are available in drop-down menus. What’s more, Rent Manager is available as a stand-alone or cloud-based product and can be used to manage all types of real estate properties.

Top features that this property management website comes with include accounting, E-payment, work order management, online portal tools, report automation, and more. It has a unique voice recording and broadcasting tool which allows you to record a message and send it to all your contacts in your directory to save time. Rent Manager is also mobile-friendly and will help you create a website that is integrated with the software.

9- TrueRent

TrueRent is one of the most reliable, easy-to-use online property management websites designed to save you time, fill vacancies quickly, and streamline every phase of tenant interaction. The low cost of this site makes it a top choice for beginner property managers or those with a few rentals under their management looking for an affordable tool. When you subscribe to TrueRent, you’ll get access to a number of must-have features including:

  • ACH online rent collection for tenants to easily transfer rent payments into your bank account
  • Work order tracking to time and reduce tenant interaction and coordination efforts
  • Tenant screening to get a clear understanding of their background and make informed decisions
  • Tenant portal for tenants to manage their information and allow for efficient communication
  • Recurring billing that sends you an alert whenever tenants fail to pay their rent for the month

10- Condo Control Central

As the name suggests, Condo Control Central is a property management software that focuses on condos. So, whether you’re a condo owner, board member, or a property manager who specializes in managing condo rentals, this tool is for you. The software helps its users streamline and digitize their operations in order to achieve greater productivity, cost savings, and transparency. Owners and residents can view available amenities, book and pay for deposits completely online — all you need to do is approve or decline.

Condo Control Central also allows easy communications with the condo community in an instant through push notifications. Moreover, it offers many other property management solutions to help you run a more efficient, cost-effective, and connected condo. These solutions include report tools, task tracking, events calendar, discussion forum, service requests, record keeping, online payment, parking permits, entry requests, and more!

The Bottom Line

Given the expanding property rental market, new technologies have been finding their way into property management solutions. These modern platforms are sure to cover just about every property management process and task there is. However, while many property management websites offer similar features, it’s best that you choose the one that is best for YOU. This is especially important if you’re new to the business as these tools are not free and have a price that you’ll need to account for in your expenses and finances. Consider the services you provide, the number and types of rental properties you manage, and your goals to find the right website in 2019.

To learn more about Mashvisor and the tools we have to offer to residential property managers, click here.

Originally published at https://www.mashvisor.com on August 15, 2019.


Mashvisor is a real estate investment analytics platform that enables real estate investors to find Airbnb & traditional investment properties and analyze investment opportunities in easy-to-read visualizations.

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Mashvisor is a real estate investment analytics platform that enables real estate investors to find Airbnb & traditional investment properties and analyze investment opportunities in easy-to-read visualizations.

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