How to Learn Real Estate Investing On Your Own

Investing on your own isn’t as difficult as you think it is.

As with any new form of investment, it is important to gain knowledge of what’s involved so you can better succeed. Education is a big part of any success, and to better understand real estate investing you have to start educating yourself about it. And what easier way to start than online? Sit down on a nice comfy sofa, bring a hot cup of coffee and open up your laptop and learn real estate investing.

The internet is a source overflowing with information from all over the world. Whatever question you have or anytime you want to discover something new, without a doubt, you’re going to find it online. So the question here is, how can people learn real estate investing online? What kind of knowledge do online courses provide? Is paying for a course necessary? What other sources can help a person learn more about real estate? These questions and much more will be answered throughout this blog.

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Real estate investing online courses

There are various courses out there like Udemy and BiggerPockets that provide real estate investing courses to teach people about the basics of real estate. Online courses are a great way for beginners to understand and become more familiar with what real estate investing really is. Most of the online courses present you with videos designed to teach you how to get started with real estate. They also provide for you tips and guidelines like:

  • The benefits of real estate investing
  • The different ways real estate can make you wealthy
  • How to choose the right investing strategy
  • How to find great real estate deals
  • How to finance your deals and much more!

Learning real estate investment through online courses can teach you the basic concepts of real estate sales, risk and management. Online courses cover real estate practices, agency regulations, contractual law, financing and property management. If your goal is to finance and sell your own real estate, home study courses can help prepare you for your real estate licensing examination. In order to properly learn real estate investing you must start somewhere and online is the fastest most convenient way for people. Are online course pricey? Do they all require you to pay? Of course not. There plenty of online courses and sources that are totally free and are guaranteed to provide you with all the information that you need.

What will these online courses prepare you for?

If you have successfully completed courses in real estate investing, a variety of career choices are possible. With proper training and a license, you could pursue a career as a real estate broker. And these courses can also teach you how to properly manage rental properties you own or property owned by another investor. Home study education in real estate investment could qualify you to assist real estate investors in selecting properties that have a better chance of increasing in value. These online courses can also prepare you for many job opportunities such as an advisor where you can make recommendations as to how the properties should be managed or developed. Who knew you can benefit so much by learning real estate investing online?

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How do these online courses work?

You’ll usually only need a reliable computer with Internet access and a valid e-mail address to communicate with instructors and receive course information. And they usually provide open enrollment which means that you can start at any time.

There are different sources that are beneficial for those who do not want to use online courses. You can still be able to learn real estate investing through books, blogs, mentors, experienced real estate investors and much more. Let us briefly discuss each one.

1. Books

As many people say “there is no friend as loyal as a book” and for those who want to learn real estate investing, books can provide them with the most dependable information. There is wide spectrum of books published every year. Books that provide information about long-term rentals or about flipping houses, to books that give you tips on how to think like a real estate investor. Reading a book is like living in space where the knowledge you gain is endless. Some of the books recommended by many real estate investors for those beginning to learn real estate investing are: 1) Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 2) Build a Rental Property Empire by Mark Ferguson 3) The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller and much more! The list of books recommended can go on and on!

2. Blogs

Blogs are an incredible source when it comes to learning about real estate investing. They are written to provide information about all sorts of topics concerning real estate. For example our blogs here at Mashvisor’s Knowledge Center have a variety of topics ranging from tips and guidelines to do’s and don’ts in real estate investing. We have to admit blogs are becoming the new trend for researching issues and unlike books are easily accessible. Watch Mashvisor’s demo video to see how new investors can easily and quickly analyze investment opportunities anywhere in the country.

3. Mentors

When you find a real estate investing mentor for you, you will be surprised at how much knowledge you can gain from them. They can teach you how to become a successful real estate investor and guide you through all the choices you make. A good mentor not only teaches you the mechanics of how to invest and help you in the areas you need help most, but also builds a strong relationship with you and will give you assignments during each session so you have something to work toward and can see your progress. For those who want to learn real estate investing having a mentor by your side is definitely the perfect way to gain knowledge.

4. Experience

“If you want to know about the road ahead, ask someone who has travelled it.” It is without a doubt that the best way to learn real estate investing is through experienced real estate investors. They know what real estate truly is and went through all its obstacles, so they can provide for you knowledge that not even books or online sources can provide. Which is through their own personal experience. Real estate is a type of investment that has no solid rules and no guarantees so in order to understand real estate in all its forms, you have to ask a person who experienced it. Experienced real estate investors can give real life situations and their own personal advice.

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Off you go . . .

When a person decides to start investing in real estate they have to completely understand what this type of investment really is. Through knowledge and research and experience you can better increase your chances of success in real estate investing. And always remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So take the first step and educate yourself about real estate investing.

Originally published at on February 28, 2017.

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