Is Real Estate Really The Best Way To Get Rich?

Real estate investments are one of the most in demand investments available at the moment because of what they offer to investors. In today’s market, investors are looking for potential opportunities that can help them make a profit in the least risky way possible to avoid any losses. The idea is understandable because the point of investments is personal financial goals that you want to achieve. So the question remains, is real estate the best way to get rich?

Based on the rise of investors in the real estate market, it is safe to assume that real estate investment is definitely a safe way to get rich. Just because you decide to buy a real estate investment, doesn’t make it a given that you will get rich because it all depends on so many factors, the biggest of them, yourself. There are so many aspects that can make you successful and rich in the real estate market including knowledge, hard work and patience. So when people ask, is real estate the best way to get rich, I personally think that the question is somehow misguided. The best way to get rich is yourself but in the real estate market you have a low-risk, low-cost and high return market that will give you the chance to prosper.

The major difference between real estate investments and other types of investments is that in real estate it all depends on you. There is always room for self-improvement and creativity to have an edge over others. Consider the stock market for example, nothing is in your control, your investment’s fate is tied to political, economic and even social aspects that can make you poorer or richer. Real estate is the exact same opposite because no matter how tough the times get for the market as a whole, a property is unlikely to lose its full value. In the end, you will be able to recoup some of the money even in the worst-case scenarios.

Is real estate the best way to get rich? We will be discussing the factors that will make you come to that conclusion yourself based on your expectations and your investment plans.

5 Reasons Real Estate Could Make You Richer

A Rising Appreciation

  • Real estate properties are arguably one of the fewest investments that have an ever-rising value in the property price because the demand for the market increases. Appreciation can also be controlled by the owner of the investment through minor or major improvements in the property that will cause its value to rise. Appreciation is one way that can make you richer if we are talking about long-term holding of investments to be sold later. If you ask people who bought properties 10 years ago in central locations in major cities, they will admit that if they sell now, they are more than likely to make a fortune. This has happened because of the rapid rise of population growth and people moving to major cities for job opportunities or studies.

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Consistency in Cash Flows

  • On the small scale, if you own one property, then you will be getting a rental income every month as long as you rent. That is a steady source of income that isn’t likely to drop or disappear. Now when you think about wealth and getting rich, people who own 10 or 20 properties and then are generating rental income from all of them, this is where getting rich happens. The more rental income you have, the faster you go from financial sufficiency to financial growth with your cashflow.

Self-Paying Mortgages

  • When you take a loan to buy a property, you basically assume that you have all these mortgage payments to make every month that will basically not make you rich. How can you get rich when you have expenses and mortgages to pay right? But if you think about it, renting your property for the average prices will produce an income that will at the very least cover the mortgage payments of the property. That means that after a number of years, the rental income of your property will have paid out your mortgage fully and you would still have an apartment in your name. That’s one way property owners get way richer.
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Demand on Rental Properties

  • The risk of demand going down in rental properties or the real estate market in general doesn’t exist. Why? Because people will always need to rent flats because of lack of money to buy or other personal reasons. This is why entering the real estate market strongly gives you a chance for wealth because you are almost certain one way or the other that you will have your property rented.

Tax Benefits

  • Real estate investors get a lot of tax deductions from the U.S. government. The government has made the tax system work in the favor of real estate investors compared to other business investors. That money being saved on taxes over the years is enough for some people to make another property purchase, taking their wealth and real estate market plans to another level.

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So, is real estate the best way to get rich? Your answer would probably not change, but at least now you know all the facts that support the claim of real estate making people richer. There are so many examples of the creativity of people to make so much money from real estate. If you are committed enough to succeed and to give it your all, then you have all the necessary tools to cope.

Originally published at on March 12, 2017.

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